Who Is Patryk Dera aka Pat.derra TikTok? Everything To Know About The Auto Patoinfluencer

Who Is Patryk Dera aka Pat.derra TikTok? Everything To Know About The Auto Patoinfluencer

Who is Patryk Dera aka Pat.derra on TikTok? Learn about his age and net worth in this article. 

TikTok user Patryk Dera is a media personality and automobile influencer. 

Patryk is famous for his exclusive automobile content on social media. He shows off risky drives and stunts that helped him earn a lot of young followers. 

On July 20, 2021, a Twitter post revealed that the TikTok user killed a pedestrian in a road accident. He reportedly killed a man with crutches on Saturday. 

The incident took place at Marszalkowska Street in Warsaw. According to a Facebook post, he was driving at such a speed that the victim’s remains were scattered over several meters. 

Apparently, Dera bragged about driving at 300k per hour on social media.

Following the accident, the police reportedly did not arrest Patryk and instead blamed the victim for the accident. 

On the same night, Patryk changed the setting of all of his social media accounts into private. 

However, the news is yet to be confirmed by verified sources. 

Who Is Patryk Dera aka Pat.derra TikTok?

Patryk Dera aka Pat.derra is an automobile influencer.

He is a Polish pato-influencer, who has around 1,541 followers on TikTok. He has collected over 63.5k likes on the video-sharing platforms.

The pato-influencer is known for his speed on social media. Once, he boasted that he drove in a speed limit of over 300k per hour. 

He often uploads videos of himself partying and hanging around girls.

Patryk is also known for his collection of expensive and sporty cars. 

As of now, Patryk’s personal information is not disclosed on the internet. It’s also uncertain if he is dating anyone or is single currently. 

What Is Patoinfluencer Patryk Dera Age?

Patoinfluencer Patryk Dera’s age is in his 20s. 

However, his real age and birthday remain unknown at the moment. 

Patryk Dera Net Worth Explored

As of now, Patryk Dera’s verified net worth is not yet calculated. 

Nevertheless, Dera may earn a decent income from his job as he owns expensive and luxurious sports cars. 

So, he may have a net worth of at least a few hundred thousand dollars. 

Meet Patryk Dera On Instagram

Patryk Dera is active on Instagram under the username @pat.derra

His account is currently private and has only 220 followers. So far, he has shared only 3 posts on Instagram. Besides, Patryk is not available on any other social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.