Who Is Paul Ainsworth Wife Emma Ainsworth? Details To Know About

Who Is Paul Ainsworth Wife Emma Ainsworth?  Details To Know About

Paul Ainsworth is together with his wife Emma Ainsworth for almost 11 years. Let’s explore the details regarding famous celebrity wife Emma Ainsworth in detail.

Emma Ainsworth is best known as the wife of British chef Paul Ainsworth.

She has been by his side for more than a decade and it has been a wonderful journey for the duo so far. Apart from that, she has been a good companion and caretaker for Paul and his family.

Emma’s beautiful soul and rectitude are some of the key traits that people find appealing. Much information on Paul, this read basically unveils some of the interesting details regarding Emma Ainsworth.

Paul Ainsworth Wife: Emma Ainsworth Wikipedia Explored

The celebrity wife, Emma Ainsworth’s full details are yet to be unveiled. Emma is originally from England. Back in the day, she used to work in a salon before she met her husband, Paul.

Her current job status is not declared, but she has been spotted frequently helping her husband with his work.

An article on Big Hospitality revealed that Anna was handed over to take care of the interior design of Paul’s new restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall which indicates she has been part of her husband’s huge success since the start of his career.

How Old Is Emma Ainsworth?

Emma Ainsworth’s age is currently 37 years old, but her genuine birthday is not revealed for now.

In an article in The Times, it was released that Emma Ainsworth was 16 years when she first met Paul in 2000. They locked their eyes in a club named McClusky’s and since then they have been a great partner for each other.

Emma Ainsworth Net Worth

Emma Ainsworth’s net worth is not revealed for now. But, her husband Paul has amassed a huge amount of assets throughout his career.

They own multiple restaurants and dines all over the country.

An article on Famous Chefs revealed that Paul Ainsworth has a net worth of $5 million as of 2021.

Emma Ainsworth Instagram

Talking about Emma Ainsworth’s social media presence, she is on Instagram under the name of @emmaains6rth. 

She has grabbed 2,556 followers for now. It would be easy for anyone to make a short biography on her by looking at her Instagram.