Who Is Paul Merson Wife Kate Merson? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Who Is Paul Merson Wife Kate Merson? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Kate Merson is the wife of Football legend and manager Paul Merson.

Kate Merson was born and raised in the suburbs of England. She spends her youth with a passion for design. She followed her dreams and worked in different graphic design and printing companies. 

She met the man of her dreams in 2013 and quickly got married to him.

Kate Merson: Wife Paul Merson- Do They Have Any Children?

Kate Merson is the lawfully wedded wife of Paul Merson. The couple got married on the second of July, 2016. Paul revealed the news of their pregnancy to the world in January of 2021. The pair previously have nurtured 2 children.

Merson has been married twice previously. His first married with Lorriane Costin crumbled after 10 years together. They were parents to three children. 

He split to form his second wife Louise in 2013 having fathering twin girls.


Where Is Kate Merson Now? 2021 Updates

Kate Merson is currently living in her residence in London England. Since her pregnancy was announced in January of this year, we assume her to be either heavily pregnant or already have given birth.

She shared her home with her 53-year-old ex-footballer husband and 2 children. 

Here is a picture of their garden in their residence.

Kate Merson Age And Family Details

The age of Kate Merson is not yet revealed to the internet. From her pictures present on Paul’s Instagram we assume to be in her late 20s or early 30s. Through analyzing her tweets we were able to trace her birthday to be on 7th July.

Kate is a ghost on the internet. She has kept her Instagram private and hasn’t tweeted from her Twitter account since April of 2020. So it has been hard to gather any sort of information on her personal life.

But we will update you on any information if she revealed any.


Kate Merson Net Worth Explored: How Rich Is She?

The net worth of Kate Merson is estimated to be is yet to be estimated. From her Twitter account, we assume her to be in the design industry.

Before she got married to Paul, she used to post about Five Fish Ltd, a design and print company based in London. The company provides affordable solutions in design, print, and daily graphics. 

We assume that she must have worked on this company around 2013. 

On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of 13 million dollars. His years were spent working as a footballer for prestigious teams like arsenal, Middlesbrough, Aston Ville, Portsmouth, Walsall, Tamworth, Welish Pool, Caerau, and Handsworth Villa has helped him earn his millions.