Who Is Radio Host Bob Enyart Wife Cheryl Mayns? Anti Vaccination Pastor Dies Of COVID

Who Is Radio Host Bob Enyart Wife Cheryl Mayns? Anti Vaccination Pastor Dies Of COVID

Who Is Pastor Bob Enyart’s wife Cheryl Mayns, let’s get to know about the personal life of the late Pastor and Journalist. 

Bob Enyart is a former pastor of the Denver Bible Church and a conservative Christian radio broadcaster.

In the aftermath of witnessing Covid-19, the radio anchorperson and one broadcasted traditional zealot Enyart perished.

He just caught the virus, and after successfully suing Colorado, he contested the demands in court for veil and social distance limitations.

Enyart, who has also served as a pastor at Denver Bible Church for more than two decades, was a staunch anti-vaxxer who stated that he would not be taking any antibodies. He ensured that the antibodies were tested on cut short infants’ cells.

Radio Host: Bob Enyart Wife Cheryl Mayns

Cheryl Mayns, Weave Enyart’s significant other, married him in the year 1994. 

Cheryl, Bob’s better half, is also dealing with Covid-19, and she is furthermore devastated now that her significant other has died. She also supported her partner in being the anti-vaxxer, as she refused to take the antibodies as well.

The congregation revealed their infection-related compressions to the broader public on September 3 by stating that the spouses were in critical condition.

Weave and Cheryl had been married and living together for a long period.

Previously Bob was married to his ex-wife Krista Enyart. They were married for about 8 years starting from 1981 to 1989. 


Bob Enyart Age

When Bob Enyart died, he was 62 years old.

He was born in 1958/59, but his exact date of birth is unknown to the general public.

Bob Enyart Children

When it came to his children, Bob and Cheryl were blessed with a son named Dominic Enyart. Hardly any other detail on his child is revealed. 


Bob Enyart Net Worth

Bob Enyart’s entire assets have not been determined.

Regardless, he was thought to have a high worth because he had been a preacher for more than 21 years.

Aside from that, he spent more than thirty years as a radio host.

He has worked as a computer specialist for U.S. West, Microsoft, and PC Week, as well as planning recreation programming for a helicopter company.

Bob Enyart Death Cause

Enyart passed away on September 13th, 2021.

Bob, a resident of Denver, Colorado, died as a result of Covid-19 complications.

His death was announced on Facebook by his syndicated show co-host Fred Williams.


Williams remembered his friend as the most astute, intelligent, compassionate, and humble person he had ever met.

After Enyart’s death, his family has yet to address the broader public.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Enyart’s family and friends.