Who Is Rapper MathBoi Fly? Man Arrested As Suspect For Waukesha Parade SUV Accident Today

Who Is Rapper MathBoi Fly? Man Arrested As Suspect For Waukesha Parade SUV Accident Today

Who Is Rapper MathBoi Fly aka Darrell E. Brooks? Here is what you need to know about the Waukesha Parade incident and the potential suspect of the incident. 

Recently, a tragic accident happened at the Waukesha Parade in Wisconsin where multiple people are severely injured and there are also some fatalities. 

The incident involved an SUV which went directly into the parade and tried to run over a huge crowd of people, which did not seem like a mistake. 

Because, the vehicle escaped after the incident, and later, it was found that the vehicle belonged to a man named Darrell E. Brooks Jr who also happens to be a rapper by the MathBoi Fly. 

The incident left a number of children and elderly people injured, and few of them even dead, but more on that later. 

People and their concerns regarding Rapper MathBoi Fly’s age, Wikipedia, arrest, the incident, and related matters are at their peak on the web. 

Who Is Rapper MathBoi Fly aka Darrell E. Brooks? Age And Wikipedia

Rapper MathBoi Fly, real name Darrell E. Brooks, is an American rapper who is currently accused of several severe crimes and offenses. 

The age of MathBoi Fly is revealed to be 39 years old. However, there are no sources that provide his date of birth or age specifically. 

The authorities revealed that the man arrested was a 39-year-old man named Darrell E. Brooks. 

Also, he is not mentioned on Wikipedia because he is not a big rapper or a sensational personality. 

However, there are a few details about him, and none of them help him for building a good case for himself. 

Meaning, all the details are about his other crimes and violation that keeps him in a tough place, and actually where should be. 

He has multiple cases of drug possession, obstructing an officer, felony bail jumping, second-degree recklessly endangering safety, and many more. 

Is Rapper MathBoi Fly Arrested For Waukesha Accident?

Rapper MathBoi is the prime suspect for the Waukesha Accident which happened recently in Wisconsin. 

As per reports, a Red SUV drove into a crowd that injured about 12 children and 11 elderly people and even left some dead. 

However, the exact number of, people who are dead is not mentioned anywhere yet. 

Upon investigations, it was revealed that the SUV was off the rapper MathBoi Fly and actually, the same vehicle was also seen in a music video of the rapper, which made things even more clear. 

Rapper MathBoi Fly Net Worth Explored

The net worth of rapper MathBoi Fly is about $50,000. 

Well, this is not a value revealed by himself, but as per out observation, he should have a net worth of about fifty thousand dollars. HOwever tshi value mightnot be accurate. 

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