Who Is Rapper Weiland? Everything On Age, Real Name and Girlfriend

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Who Is Rapper Weiland? Everything On Age, Real Name and Girlfriend

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The rap and hip-hop music generation have come a long way from its early days. With renowned artists like Tupac, Eminem, and Jay Z leading the way, many others are discovering their passion for this art in their early years. One of such budding artist is Gavin Weiland from the city of Tampa, Florida. He is a rapper with a good sense of musicality and famous for his groovy beats. 

Name Gavin Weiland
Birthday 22nd of October, 2000
Age 20
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Music Artist
Married/Single Single
Instagram @gavinweiland
Twitter @gavinweiland

10 Facts to Know about rapper Weiland:

  1. Gavin is a young artist from Florida who is widely known via his middle name or stage name Weiland. His full name or his real name is not known.
  2. To this day, he has put out two albums: Packrunner (released in 2017) and Grimey Youth (2018), and an EP called Reject in 2015.
  3. Before releasing his EPs and albums, the artist had released several singles under different production partners.
  4. Among the many producers he has worked with, the rapper prefers XanGang, Clibbo, and Riclaflare. According to him, these producers are compatible with his voice texture and produce great melodies. 
  5. Being born in the Tampa city of Florida, he aims to improve the hip hop scene of his place. He thinks that the current rap and hip-hop scene is “pretty dead” in his home city.
  6.  He started getting into music as a means to kill boredom at a young age. Gavin did the engineering part, and his friend did the vocals initially. 
  7. The name of his first song was “Blue Bands” which he put out with the help of producer “Sky.”
  8. Gavin is a fan of Japanese anime, especially an old anime by the name of Great Teacher Onizuka. The main character from the series can be seen on both of his latest album covers. 
  9. Weiland lives a private life and has chosen not to bring out his parents’ name of Girlfriend’s name in front of the cameras.  
  10. Back in 2019, he got caught in a controversy over getting autotune implants in his mouth. 


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