Who Is Ronni Krongold On Love Island? Meet The Personal Trainer On Instagram

Who Is Ronni Krongold On Love Island? Meet The Personal Trainer On Instagram

Ronni Krongold is a contestant in the long-awaited Love Island Australia. He claims to go on three dates weekly at a minimum. Let us see will his magic work with the ladies on the show.

Love Island Australia is back after a year off!

The hottest program in Australia returns with sexy new Islanders, a new Villa in a new location, and a whole new aftershow to continue the Love Island party discussion.

Love Island Australia is being filmed in their backyard for the first time. In the Northern Rivers area, a new villa is being developed in Federal, New South Wales, Australia.

Ronni is a new contestant Casanova who enjoys going on many dates as possible, sometimes three a week.

Who Is Ronni Krongold On Love Island? 

Ronni Krongold is a UNSW student who works as a boxing and fitness teacher at two clubs. Also, he is engaged in bartending.

Ronni is flirtatious and self-assured, and he always imagined himself on Love Island. Ronni is used to going on up to three dates each week and has no problem talking to females.

He intends to live and work abroad for a long time, preferably in the Americas and Spain.

Entering Love Island, he imagines himself to be the best of himself when the show ends.

Ronni Krongold Age Height and Net Worth

Ronni Krongold is 21 one years old; meanwhile, his height is expected to be 6 feet tall.

Talking about his net worth, he hasn’t shared much bout it. However, he has shared much about his job.

As Fitness Instructor salary, he is expected to earn $47,761 annually, and working as a bartender, he makes $31,390 annually.

He completed his undergraduate recently this year at the age of 21.

He is presently pursuing commerce after studying law for three years before abandoning it.

Ronni also works as a personal trainer at a gym. He is obsessed with anything Spanish, including Spanish music and dancing.

Ronni Krongold Family: Who are they?

Ronni Krongold hasn’t shared any information about his family.

He hasn’t shared any information about his family on any of his social media either.

Although Ronni has spent most of his childhood growing up on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, his family is from Ukraine.

Ronnie plans to take a vacation in South America after Love Island Australia and when borders reopen. He plans to do this with a female he meets at the Villa.

His most recent romance lasted six months, although he claims it wasn’t all that serious. He admits to being attracted to women, but he moves on swiftly.

He’s looking for a female that exudes good energy and is at ease with his outsized attitude.