Who Is Ronnie Spector Husband Jonathan Greenfield? Everything To Know On Married Life And Family

Who Is Ronnie Spector Husband Jonathan Greenfield? Everything To Know On Married Life And Family

Jonathan Greenfield is the husband of popular American singer Ronnie Spector, popularly known as a member of Ronnettes. Ronnie has recently died and her death has stunned the entire music industry.

Jonathan Greenfield came into the limelight because he married a pop star. He has always supported his wife in difficulties and the couple had surmounted many difficulties together.

Ronnie has left a legacy behind in the music industry. Both the old generation and the new generation can be seen enjoying her music. Her death is a big loss to the industry and her fans.

Who is Ronnie Spector Husband? : Jonathan Greenfield Wikipedia

Ronnie has married two times in her life, her second marriage was with Jonathan Greenfield. Jonathan was her manager before he became her husband. They fell in love when he was her manager.

The couple married in 1982. They have been together since then and used to live in Danbury, Connecticut with their family. The couple did not come into any big controversy.

Spector’s first husband was Phil Spector. This relation of hers was very toxic and there are many reports of abuse by him. They married in 1968 and separated in 1974. Phil died in 2021. He was convicted for the murder of Lana Clarkson.

Jonathan Greenfield Age

Jonathan Greenfield’s age is around 75 years old. He recently lost his wife, Ronnie, after her death. Jonathan and Ronnie were together for more than 39 years. The couple has always supported each other.

Greenfield helped her a lot because she came from a broken toxic marriage. Their love story is interesting because Greenfield was manager when he fell for Ronnie, it is rare that a pop star to date their manager.

Spector’s death has left Jonathan alone in old age. He is devasted by her death. After being together for nearly four decades, it must be hard for him to separate from his wife. His help was crucial to Spector to rebuild her career after her first marriage failed.

Jonathan Greenfield  Children & Net Worth

Jonathan’s children are Austin Drew and Jason Charles. These kids are from his marriage with the singer. Besides that, he is also the stepfather of three kids, from the early marriage of Ronnie.

Jonathan’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. His majority of wealth comes from the successful music career of his wife. Jonathan used to live a comfortable life with his wife in Connecticut.

Many people have come forward after the death of Ronnie to express their condolences to the deceased family. People have taken social media by storm to show their sympathy and pray for the family.

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