Who Is Ryan Schiffilea? Meet The USC Sigma Nu President Amid Assault Allegations Against Fraternity

Who Is Ryan Schiffilea? Meet The USC Sigma Nu President Amid Assault Allegations Against Fraternity

Ryan Schiffilea is said to be a Sigma Nu Fraternity member. Here are the specifics of the recent occurrence. 

Sexual assaults were reported at the Sigma Nu fraternity home in the 600 block of W. 28th street.

Following that, on Thursday night, students gathered to leave placards and notes of support for the victim. Some students even pointed the finger at USC.

Who Is Ryan Schiffilea? USC Sigma Nu President

Ryan Schiffilea is believed to be one of the Sigma NU Fraternity students whose membership has been suspended by USC.

There is hardly any information on him on the internet, although he may be seen partying in the Fraternity in one of his posts.

We have no idea what he was doing there or if he’s still connected to the location. Furthermore, we have no idea how his name was pronounced at the time. He could be related, but there is no proof or evidence at this time.

The Sigma Nu fraternity has been placed on interim suspension, according to the campus crime alert.

The university was notified of a sexual assault at the Sigma Nu fraternity house, located at 660 W.

In 28th Street, New York City, someone drugged a girl when she was at a party, and she was sexually raped as a result. Drugs were allegedly put into drinks at the fraternity home during the same party, according to USC.

Since then, they have been prohibited from holding any gathering or organizing any activities or parties in the area.

Ryan Schiffilea Age And Parents 

Ryan Schiffilea’s age is yet to be revealed. Due to a lack of information, we are unable to determine Ryan’s age at this time.

Because Ryan Schiffilea is so poorly known, finding information on his family and ancestors is proving to be challenging.

Fraternity Assault Allegations

On September 27, a girl from the Sigma Nu party reported being the victim of s3xual assault. Another incident of drugging occurred around the same time, although the girl did not reveal the location.

According to the incident log, six women were claimed to have been drugged between September 27 and October 20, with one of them also including sexual assault.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the young lady who complained about the wrongdoing is 19 years old. She informed the police that she was forced to do oral s*x and assaulted without her consent.

On Thursday night, understudies gathered outside the fraternity home, erecting placards and asking for accountability. The club is now on hiatus till further notice. The investigation into the situation is still ongoing.

The identities of prospective suspects, like the identities of casualties, are kept hidden to protect their security.

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