Who Is Sabrina Prater TikTok? Aka SabrinaPrater 625 Flint Michigan Is Missing -Details To Know

Who Is Sabrina Prater TikTok? Aka SabrinaPrater 625 Flint Michigan Is Missing -Details To Know

Who Is Sabrina Prater TikTok? Here is everything you need to know about the TikTok star who dresses as a female and uploads amazing content. 

By now, it seems obvious that what people will see on TikTok might be anything, and there is no specific type of content here. 

While most of the things we see are either dancing videos, people lipsyncing over music, and some sharing their story, we get to see some other amazing and entertaining content too. 

Getting into what we are trying to say, a TikTok creator named Sabrina Prater, real name Franklin uploads unique content on the platform. 

He dresses up as a girl and posts content relating to what people generally seem doing and he does it pretty well. 

However, there are many haters of Sabrina for her content and he has been traumatized multiple times because of the hate he gets. 

Indeed, people are even concerned about what happened to him recently when he disappeared suddenly. Also, concerns regarding her family, surgery, and related matters are at their peak on the web. 

Who Is Sabrina Prater TikTok?

Sabrina Prater is a renowned personality on the social media platform, TikTok, where she is active under the username @sabrinaprater625

She has over 200k followers on this platform and in all of her videos combined, she has about 1.9 million likes. 

He generally posts videos of him dancing to different songs and following the most recent trends which are mostly done by girls. 

Also, as per his TikTok bio, he is a 34-year-old man who dresses in girly outfits and he has also mentioned that he is working on coming out. 

Meaning, he is not a straight male and he is planning on coming out as his real identity soon. 

While he has reached out of immense support from TikTok, there have also been some hard times that he has had suffered because of this app, because he has gotten sexually violated for his content. 


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Sabrina Prater AKA SabrinaPrater 625 Flint Michigan Is Missing

SabrinaPrater625 or Sabrina Prater is a very active content creator and he uploads a lot of videos daily. 

However, from November 16 to about 4 days ago on November 22, there were no videos uploaded by him. 

Content creators taking a break is not a big deal, but generally, they inform their fans and viewers about it. 

But here, Sabrina disappeared suddenly, and considering the fact that she seemed very sad and traumatized because of the hate she was getting, people got very worried. 

Many thought that she might have done something to herself, whereas many thought that someone might have done something to her. 

However, she started posting her videos again and people are sort of less scared for her now. 


Sabrina Prater Family And Surgery

There is currently nothing on the web about the family of creator Sabrina Prater. 

And, neither is there anything that proves if Sabrina has undergone any surgery or not. 

While many say that she has gone through a surgery looking at her body and appearance, but there is nothing that proved this. 

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