Is Sam Messina From Farmer Wants A Wife Star Charged For Domestic Violence? Fake Farmer Controversy

Is Sam Messina From Farmer Wants A Wife Star Charged For Domestic Violence? Fake Farmer Controversy

Rumors say that Sam Messina from Farmer Wants A Wife is a fake farmer and has been charged with domestic violence. 

Sam Messina is an emerging Australian reality TV star.

He is renowned as the cast of the 11th season of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife,’ which aired on 3 July 2021.

Messina is also a farmer and truck driver by profession.

He owns a family farm in Canowindra along with his brother, Josh, but he resides near Orange city.

Is Sam Messina From Farmer Wants A Wife Star Charged For Domestic Violence?

Farmer Wants A Wife star Sam Messina was charged for domestic violence.

He faced seven charges of it, including 4 counts of assault. However, he pleaded not guilty to none of the charges.

As of 9Now, Sam was both physically and verbally abusive to his former girlfriend. After months of abuse, she broke up with him in August and moved out in December.

But even after that, Messina threatened her and took two of her rabbits. His ex-partner is still scared for her safety.

Sam Messina Ex-Partner

Sam Messina and his ex-partner were under the same roof while he applied for the show.

He began dating his former girlfriend in January of 2019. Everything was going well between them, and thus, she moved with him in December.

Messina started being abusive after she went to stay with him in Orange. Within three months of living together, the couple began sleeping in different bedrooms.

Sam hit his ex’s right foot by a door past an argument. In the following months, it got worse. In July, he held the girl’s clothes and threw her on the floor.

Messina pushed, shoved, and punched his partner in the nose at the end of the same month. One morning of November, he whipped her left thigh with a phone charger.

Sam’s ex-partner moved to her place in December 2020. However, in the February of 2021, he stole 2 rabbits from her backyard and threatened to sell or kill them.

The woman contacted him and convinced him to return the animals. Then, she went to the police and provided proof of his abuse.

Does Sam Messina Have A Secret Girlfriend Back Home?

As Sam Messina cleared on Instagram, he does not have a secret girlfriend back home.

He was not in a relationship with anyone while filming the show. But he dated a woman until August of 2020.

Messina applied for the show after his breakup. When he applied for the show, they were living in his place but were no more together.

Sam Messina Fake Farmer Controversy

The controversy regarding Sam Messina being a ‘fake farmer’ is all over social media.

However, he confirmed that he is a legit farmer. The farming land that was featured on the show is named after him and his sibling, Josh.

Messina also drives trucks in his leisure time. He considers it another stream of income that helps to clear the bills.