Who Is Shantol Jackson On Death In Paradise Season 11? Everything To Know

Who Is Shantol Jackson On Death In Paradise Season 11? Everything To Know

Shantol Jackson is a rising star in Jamaica and is popularly right now for her upcoming role as a police officer in “Death In Paradise”. 

Shantol Jackson is an actress. She is one of Jamaica’s rising stars. She has been working in showbiz for 5 years and has already done many plays in jamaica as well as overseas. 

The actress is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Curly hair and brown eyes are her prominent features.

Likewise, Shantol has starred in the Jamaican-based film “Sprinter” with Usain Bolt. The young actor is working in “Death in Paradise” in the role of Naomi Thomas.

Jackson was also featured in the film, Yardie, directed by Idris Elba in 2017. Yardie was a selected film in the Sundance Film Festival in 2018.

How old is Shantol Jackson?

The actress Shantol Jackson is 28 years old.

Shantol was born on 7th July 1992. She is of Cancer Zodiac.

Shantol Jackson Husband Or Boyfriend- Is She Married?

As of now, Shantol is not married to anyone. 

Information on her dating life is also not very clear.

She was rumored to be dating her co-star, Akeem Mignott, who is also a Jamaican actor. But the actress denied the information.

Well, she is young and no wonder she might be dating someone very soon.

Meet Death In Paradise Cast Shantol On Instagram

Shantol Jackson has over 11000 followers and about 200 posts on Instagram.

She has also thanked her loved ones by posting a picture on Instagram with her Death In Paradise cast.

Death In Paradise season 11 is awaited by fans as it features Shantol. Jackson plays the role of a gifted young officer who moved from a neighboring island to join Saint Marie Police.

Likewise, season 11 is worth a watch as she says it has a lot of suspense.

Shantol Jackson Wikipedia And Family

Besides that, Jackson’s information is not in Wikipedia. But IMDB has featured her bio on their website as a rising star in Jamaica.

Jackson hasn’t really talked about her parents. But in an interview, she said that she is more fond of her mother. She said extremely blessed and grateful to have a mother who has supported and sacrificed for her career.

She has also mentioned that she used to watch Death In Paradise with her dad, and now she herself is starring in the show which might make her father very proud.

Similarly, the actress also has a sibling, Suane Jackson who is an aspiring singer/ model.