Who Is Stephanie Mills? Tim Ferguson Wife -Everything On Her Family And More

Who Is Stephanie Mills? Tim Ferguson Wife -Everything On Her Family And More

Tim Ferguson’s wife Stephanie Mills married him even after knowing that the comedian has MS. But, who actually is she professionally?

Stephanie Mills is the wife of Australian Comedian Tim Ferguson.

Mills has equally enjoyed the limelight in the entertainment industry and also the professional business world.

Who Is Stephanie Mills Tim Ferguson Wife? 

Stephanie Mills, the wife of Tim Ferguson, is a respected businesswoman currently working in Hoyts group as per LinkedIn.

To be specific, she has been involved in the position of director of sales, marketing, and content of Hoyts’ Australian and New Zealand operations for more than three years now.

Prior to this, Stephanie worked in Reading Entertainment and accumulated experience as an accounting assistant, Marketing Communications Executive, and marketing manager as well.

The RMIT University alum also was engaged as a Committee Member of the Natalie Miller Fellowship. 

Regarding Stephanie and Tim’s relationship, the two lovebirds got married to each other in 2012 as per SMH.

Well, in 2007, Tim met Canadian Stephanie Mills while he was hosting the Australian International Movie Convention on the Gold Coast. And, in 2012, the comedian made a decision to propose Mills and the great part is Stephanie accepted both the proposal and his MS (Multiple sclerosis).

What Is Stephanie Mills Age?

Speaking of Stephanie Mills’s age, she appears to be in her 40s.

But, one thing is for sure that she is younger than her comedian husband Tim, who is aged 58 years old at present.

Actually, we only found that Stephanie’s birthday falls in the month of May.

Stephanie Mills Family Details

Stephanie Mills’s family includes her husband, father-in-law Tony Ferguson, and mother-in-law named Cynthia Ferguson.

She does not seem to have children with her partner Tim for now.

As most of Ferguson’s fans are aware that Tim has been suffering from a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord and also create a problem in walking and balance.

How Much Is Stephanie Mills Worth? 

Stephanie Mills’s net worth might be in a significant range given her over a decade of professional experience.

Obviously, with her executive, managerial, and now a directorial role, the businesswoman’s earnings might not be any ordinary amount.

Where Is Stephanie Mills Now?

Stephanie Mills is now in Sydney and resides with her Australian husband.

But, she actually hails from Canada and initially came to Australia for the work process only.

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