Who Is Tankz Fraudster aka Luke Joseph? Everything About The Alleged London Scammer

Who Is Tankz Fraudster aka Luke Joseph? Everything About The Alleged London Scammer

Tankz Fraudster is a social media influencer & scammer from London who has been grabbing headlines after a BBC documentary revealed the truth behind online scams. 

Luke Joseph is a University student living a normal life in Wembly, but he hides a deep secret.

He uses his knowledge about the internet to scam anybody from retailers to bankers to regular people out of money. 

Most importantly, he teaches other people how to do it, charging 100 dollars a session.

Who Is Tankz Fraudster aka Luke Joseph? Is He Arrested?

Tankz Fraudster aka Luke Joseph, is a student from London who sells victims’ bank details and ‘how-to’ guides for other criminals for as little as £100 has been unmasked by BBC Panorama as a London university student. 

In the informative BBC One documentary Panorama: Hunting the Social Media Fraudsters, which airs tonight at 19:35, reporter Kafui Okpattah investigated the ever-growing presence of cyber scammers, who build their following by using+ social media to promote fraud. 

The fraudster that the scams dependent upon Fulls which contain all the necessary information of the person getting scammed.

 Using this information, the scammer takes alone in their name, and the rest of the details end up on the dark web.

Indeed the government tried to bring an end to the online scammer’s industry but decided to swap the word “fraud” with illegal content” at the last minute, which resulted in loose punishment to be given out to the accused.

Tankz Fraudster Age: How Old Is He?

The age of Luke Joseph is estimated to be from 19 to 23 years old.

Although the exact date of his birth is not disclosed, he must be born around the 2000s.

Does Tankz Fraudster Have Parents?

The names of Luke Josephs’s parents have not been revealed, but from the knowledge gained from the documentary, he was revealed to have been a local of London’s Wembly area.

Further digging into his personal information, we found that he is a University student studying for a degree in economics and finance.

Luke seems to be arrogant about his talent, even rapping to boast about it.

He raps, ‘ I see it; I want it. I click it.’ It was this exact attitude that got him caught.

When he linked users to his song on his amazon account, Hackers were able to trace it back to his original account and caught his name, Luke Joseph.

Meet Tankz Fraudster On Instagram

The Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok accounts of Luke Joseph have been taken down when the people behind the documentary notified the social media platforms about the scam.

Since then, Luke has managed to open a new TikTok account to keep posting about his daily life.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2021

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