Who Is Taylor Mae LaCour Aka Taela? Peyton Meyer Wife -Everything On Her Age And More

Who Is Taylor Mae LaCour Aka Taela? Peyton Meyer Wife -Everything On Her Age And More

Actor Peyton Meyer gets married to his now-wife Taylor Mae LaCour as the couple also announces Taela’s pregnancy news.

Taylor Mae LaCour aka Taela is best known as the girlfriend and the new wife of the popular actor Peyton Meyer.

Besides being known as the love partner of Meyer, Taela is a musician and has already released a couple of her songs now.

Several people were shocked after the 22-year-old actor revealed his marriage with Taela as they officially started dating only in February.

It was only last month that the alleged sex tape video of the couple went viral as many thought the person in the video was Peyton.

However, the actor never talked about it so nothing remains confirmed at this moment.

So, who is this gorgeous wife of Peyton Meyer? Continue to know more about Taylor Mae LaCour.

Who Is Taylor Mae LaCour Aka Taela? Peyton Meyer Wife

Peyton Meyer’s wife Taylor Mae LaCour aka Taela is an American singer and musician recognized for her songs like Bang and Drugs With You.

Taylor rose to popularity after her relationship with the He’s All That actor Meyer came to the highlights a couple of months ago.

While it is still unknown how the couple met each other or how their love flourished, they do seem to be pretty close together.

Is Taylor Mae LaCour Aka Taela Pregnant?

Yes, the newly wedded wife of Peyton Meyer, Taylor Mae LaCour is pregnant with a new child.

Peyton while announcing their marriage also revealed that Taela is pregnant and the couple is expecting a new baby pretty soon.

Under the Instagram photo of their marriage, Meyer asked for some advice for being a dad which hinted at the news of them expecting a baby.

Besides the expected baby, Taela also has a son from her previous relationship who can also be seen on the actor’s Instagram post.

How Old is Taylor Mae LaCour?

The actual age of Taylor Mae LaCour is revealed to be 23 years old.

While her age is known publically, the exact date of her birth is still undisclosed to the media and thus, her birthday is a mystery.

She released her first single at the age of around 21 in 2019 followed up by a couple of other songs.

Besides this, any detailed information about her early age and childhood are yet to be explored.

What Is Taylor Mae LaCour Net Worth?

Considering her involvement, Taylor Mae LaCour is expected to have a decent net worth of around $500k- $1 million.

Although a couple of sources have estimated her net worth value, the official sources are yet to confirm her exact net worth figure.

On the other hand, her husband Peyton Meyer has an approximated net worth of $1 million, as per The Wiki Feed.