Who Is Tom Jackson Wife Jennifer Jackson? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Who Is Tom Jackson Wife Jennifer Jackson? Everything On Her Family And Net Worth

Jennifer Jackson is the wife of former NFL linebacker player Tom Jackson. Here are some details about Jennifer from her age to her net worth. 

Jennifer Jackson is well known as the wife of former NFL player Tom Jackson. 

Jennifer and Tom have shared a very long married life with their children together as a family. 

Jennifer’s husband Tom is a former NFL linebacker for the Denver Broncos. 

Jackson played a key role in the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXI victory over the New York Giants.

He had a successful 29-year run as an NFL analyst for ESPN after his playing career ended.

Who Is Tom Jackson Wife Jennifer Jackson? 

Jennifer Jackson and Tom Jackson have been married for almost 3 decades now. 

The couple first met in the year 1990 in Hawaii. 

Jennifer is a former flight attendant who resides with her husband in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The couple is blessed with two daughters named Taylor and Morgan. 

Sadly the couple also had a daughter Andrea Jackson who died on August 7, 1997. She was just nine years old and passed away in a car accident. 

Jennifer Jackson Age-How Old Is She? 

Jennifer Jackson’s age is expected to be around 60-65 years old. 

Jennifer’s exact age is not yet been explored, as she is not a media person like her husband. 

Tom who is now 70 years old, is still living with his wife. And according to this Jennifer might also be around 65 years old. 

Jennifer Jackson Family Explored-Where Is She Now? 

Jennifer Jackson has the only family which is her husband and her two children. 

Jennifer’s whereabouts are not yet been found, but she is expected to be with her husband. 

As of now, there are no reports of her death, so definitely she is alive and living happily with her husband. 

What Is Jennifer Jackson Net Worth?

Jennifer Jackson’s net worth is the net worth of her husband Tom which is $10 million. 

Tom has earned all his life with his great NFL career, and now as an analyst in the ESPN. 

Jackson attended John Adams High School, where he participated in football, baseball, and wrestling.

Jackson joined ESPN in 1987 and worked on the network’s signature NFL shows, NFL Countdown and NFL Primetime, alongside Chris Berman.

The player’s wife Jennifer has also earned a significant amount of income. But both of them have shared their net worth. 

So, the Jackson family together have earned a very good amount of net worth and are millionaires. 

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