Journalist: Who Is Tova Obrien Husband Nathan Hickey? Everything On Her New Job And More

Journalist: Who Is Tova Obrien Husband Nathan Hickey? Everything On Her New Job And More

Tova Obrien married a drummer in 2016 and is proud to call Nathan Hickey her husband. 

Tova did not go for the traditional white wedding dress on their wedding day. Instead, she chose a Kate Sylvester dress which was the color of powder blue.

Nathan rocked his royal blue suit. To match his wife, he had on a red rose buttonhole. The couple has celebrated more than five summers together. 

Who Is Tova Obrien Husband Nathan Hickey?

Tova Obrien has been married to Nathan Hickey for more than five years. They tied the knot and made their relationship permanent in 2016 even though they had known each other since 2006.

The couple had a small and intimate ceremony at London’s Islington Town Hall to officially mark their life together as husband and wife. 

Nathan is a drummer with Beastwars, a Wellington heavy metal band. When Tova wears a heel, she stands above him in height. 

Does Tova Obrien Have A New Job? What Is Her Salary 2022? 

In November, Tova O’Brien left Discovery NZ, the parent company of TV3 and Newshub, to join as a radio host for Mediaworks’ relaunched breakfast radio station. It has been predicted to be launched in January.

However, with the current legal employment dispute ongoing, the debut of the breakfast radio show hinges on the outcome of the legal bid at Employment Relations Authority to escape her trade clause. 

According to O’Brien, a restraint of trade clause in her contract has been used against her to prevent her from working in a completely different radio show in a different role. 

It has come out that her contract with Discovery does not legally end until the end of January. The three-month restraint of trade clause will work against her if she cannot prove that her new job as a radio host is nowhere similar to her previous job as a political journalist.

If she wants to go ahead with the original set a date for Monday, she must also prove that her new radio show does not compete with the TV show.

Her salary is not known. However, it is estimated that her net worth is somewhere in the millions. 

Is Tova Obrien Leaving Newshub? Where Is She From?

Tova O’Brien left Newshub in November of last year, even though her contract doesn’t end till January. After Discovery NZ enforced a three-month restraint, the former Newshub political editor has said she feels like she is being punished.

She feels caught in a struggle of power between Discovery and MediaWorks. 

After her hearing at Employment Relations Authority, she can go work for a competitor the three months after her previous contract expires. 

Though she lives in New Zealand now, Tova was born in Papua New Guinea. Her parents met while working in the country. When Tova was six months old, the family decided to move to New Zealand. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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