Who Is Uhohbigboi From TikTok? Boaters Harass Boat With Pride Flag

Who Is Uhohbigboi From TikTok? Boaters Harass Boat With Pride Flag

TikTok user Uhohbigboi and his family were harassed by boaters for the Pride flag flying from their boat. Learn about the entire incident in this article. 

Recent TikTok sensation Uhohbigboi, along with his family, went out on the lake to celebrate Memorial Day.

In support of the LGBTQ+ community, they were waving rainbow/pride flags in their boat. 

However, they encountered some boaters who did not share the same thoughts regarding the pride flag.

The boaters hurled slurs at them, and a woman also gave the finger to Uhohbigboi and his family. 


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were. ##pride ##lgbtq ##boat ##Fail ##Karma ##Gay ##hate ##sorrynotsorry

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Who Is Uhohbigboi From TikTok? Age And Real Name

Uhohbigboi is a TikTok star and has gained instant fame after his recent video went viral. 

However, the TikToker is yet to reveal his real name and age to the media. 

Aside from his TikTok account, which has gained over 46k followers, he could not be traced on any other social media handles.

It may be possible that he is active on other sites like Instagram and Twitter under a different username, but it remains to be confirmed for now. 

Boaters Harass Boat With Pride Flag- Video Revealed

Uhohbigboi shared a two-part video on TikTok where some boaters can be seen harassing him and his family. 

A woman was even captured, giving the middle finger to Uhohbigboi and his family. 

But, what happened next is a clear definition of ‘karma’ as the boaters’ boar blew up, and they are seen in the water. 

Their boat was engulfed in a fire and heavy smoke.

Hence, Uhohbigboi and his family ended up the ones saving them from the incident and pulled them out safely from the water. 

It’s not sure what happened to the boat and how it caught fire, but it certainly makes one believe in karma. 

Furthermore, Uhohbigboi’s brother mentioned on Twitter that the boaters did not even say thank you after they saved them. 

Uhohbigboi Family Explored

Uhohbigboi’s family members’ details are still vague at the moment. 

But he has a brother who is available on Twitter under the username @retro_ushi_. He is 32 years old and a healthcare professional.  

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