Who Is XqCow And How Rich Is The Stremer? Twitch Payout Leak And Details To Know

Who Is XqCow And How Rich Is The Stremer? Twitch Payout Leak And Details To Know

Canadian Twitch streamer XqCow aka Felix Lengyel is the highest-paid creator on the platform earning $8.4 million in the last 2 years.

The leaked data of Twitch has revealed the Top 100 earners on the platform.

The hacker has just hacked the streaming platform and they has obtained some of the passwords and inside information.

In addition, it is revealed that the unanimous hacker have downloaded almost everything that makes the streaming service what it is. It includes the source code as well.

The massive 125GB data was leaked and uploaded to 4Chan and the original post of 4Chan has used the #DoBetterTwitch. The same hashtags were previously used by the people who were dissatisfied with the platform.

Further, the hacker has claimed that they hacked the system to punish Twitch for being a ‘disgusting toxic cesspool’ and to ‘foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space’.

Now, with several informations being leaked, what came to the world as a surprise was the paycheck their streamers get and their earnings in the last 2 years.

Let’s find out where XqCow stands on the list.

XqCow Twitch Payout Leak

Following the leaked Twitch payout details, XqCow aka Felix Lengyel is revealed to be the highest paid individual streamer with earning a massive total of $8.4 million.

He bagged the amount from August 2019 to date.

It is of no surprise that Twitch has been a major earning platform for the streamers and XqCow’s earning is a proof of that.     

Although, he stands second on the Top 10 twitch earners, Lengyel is a top individual steamer.

He followed the streaming group Critical Role who have earned $9.6 million in the last 2 years.

Further, the leaked payout has given an insight into the earnings as well as how the platform is dominated by male streamers who have accumulated highest earnings. The top female earner is Pokimane who stands at 39th position earning $1.5 million in 2 years.

XqCow Net Worth 2021

The net worth of XqCow is $1 million to $5 million.

He goes under the name xQcOW on Twitch and has accumulated a massive following of 9.3 million.

Felix is a steamer for Luminosity. He focuses on several games including Battlefield 2042, Roblox, Nickelodeon All-star Brawl, GTA V, and others.

Further, he has 1.74 million followers in his YouTube channel.

In addition, he is also expected to add his fortune through sponsorship deals, merchandise, and donations.

XqCow Girlfriend And Family

XqCow’s girlfriend is Adept. She is also a gamer and a Twitch streamer who goes by the name of @adeptthebest

Felix and Adept’s relationship history is yet to be revealed but they were known to be together since 2019.

Adept is an American streamer from Austin, Texas currently residing in LA, California.

Talking about Felix’s family, his parents have yet to reveal themshelves.

But he was born to his Canadian parents in Laval, Canada. He is 26-years-old as he was born in 1995.   

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