Who Is Yasmine Lopez Baby Daddy? Boyfriend And Net Worth 2022 Of The Model

Who Is Yasmine Lopez Baby Daddy? Boyfriend And Net Worth 2022 Of The Model

After Yasmine Lopez and Trey Songz, dating rumors came on media; people are wondering if the rapper is her baby daddy. 

It’s common for celebrities to come into highlights for simple reasons. Now Songz and Lopez are all over media after she posted a selfie of them together went viral on Instagram. 

That selfie is how fans and media came up with their theories of two dating each other and Trey being a baby dad. 

But the truth is Lopez’s baby real father is NFL star, Trevon Diggs. They were in a short relationship in 2020. 

Who Is Yasmine Lopez Baby Daddy? 

Yasmine Lopez babby’s daddy is Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Trevon Diggs. Her baby is from her past relationship with an NFL star. 

Trevon and Lopez began dating in October 2020. But their affairs ended prematurely in December of the same year. 

Chinese Kitty, Trevon’s ex-girlfriend, mentioned Lopez getting pregnant by her ex-boyfriend on her appearance on Lip Service, Angela Yee’s radio chatshow.

Later, Lopez responded to Kitty’s comment that she has not stolen anyone man and made her story clear about her relationship with Diggs. 

On 6 August 2021, Lopez gave birth to a son named Chosen Alexander. Although the ex-couple are not together, they are still close friends.  

Trevor also has another four-year son named Aiden Diggs. He frequently posts photos together on his Instagram handles. 

Yasmine Lopez Boyfriend 2022 Revealed

Yasmien Lopez likes to keep her relationship status private, so it’s hard to tell who her boyfriend is. 

She is rumored to be dating American singer Trey Songz. Songz posted a photo of Halloween customs that featured a model. 

Later, Lopez commented mine on the Songz photo that gave fans some clue that they are in a relationship. 

Such news didn’t stay limited, and it spread around the media rapidly. Then Lopez provided another hint after she posted an Instagram photo with Songz.

Lopez and Songz have not opened their dating status publicly. But they might have given enough hints or clues about their relationship. 

Another bombshell dropped when American rapper, fashion designer, and producer Kanye West was seen chatting with Lopez at James Harden’s restaurant Thirteen. 

Both of them attended J Mulan’s birthday bash in Texas. They were seen having lovely chats with each other. 

Who knows, as Kanye is single now, he may be looking for a new girlfriend.

Yasmine Lopez Net Worth And Instagram Explored

Yasmine Lopez is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. Most of her income comes from her modeling and endorsement deals.

Lopez also makes money from her Youtube channel, where she posts vlogs, makeup, and fashion tutorials. She has 77.2k subscribers on Youtube. 

She is one of the popular Instagram influencers. Currently, Lopez has around 1.1 million followers.  

She mainly likes to update posts related to fitness, travel, and hustle on her Instagram. 

As she boasts millions of followers on social media, many brands approach her to promote their brands. 

Besides, Instagram Lopez is also viral on Tiktok for her lip-syncing and short videos. 

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