Who Is Youri Tielemans Wife Mendy? Belgian Footballer Family Life Explored

Who Is Youri Tielemans Wife Mendy? Belgian Footballer Family Life Explored

Youri Tielemans’s wife Mendy’s presence could be seen in most of the games arena played by him silently supporting him from the sidelines. 

Youri Tielemans is an Belgian footballer.

Presently, the athlete is engaged with Leicester City as the midfielder.

Youri along with his family have come to public interest after he sustained a calf injury. Because of this reason, Tielemans had no choice but to withdraw from the Belgium squad for the World Cup qualifiers.

Who Is Youri Tielemans Wife Mendy?

Youri Tielemans’ wife is known to be his long-time partner Mendy.

The couple also parents two adorable children (daughters) and their daughters are named Melina and Leana. His youngest daughter Leana was born in 2019 and aged 2 years old at present as announced by Youri himself via his Instagram.

Likewise, his oldest daughter Melina is 4 years old now as she was welcomed to the world by Youri in 2017. That means he was either 19 or 20 years old when he experience the feeling of fatherhood.

Youri Tielemans Age: How Old Is He?

As of 2021, Youri Tielemans’s age is 24 years old given his birth year in 1997.

The athlete celebrates his birthday on the 7th of May as recorded on his official Wikipedia page.

He made his first professional debut at the age of 16 after signing his first contract with the club Anderlecht. 

Details On Youri Tielemans Parents And Family

Thanks to Youri Tielemans’s parents’ different descents, he is of mixed ethnicity. 

We got to learn that his father is of Flemish descent and her mother is from Congolese as per LifeBogger. Youri was born in a judo family, that is, both of her parents professionally worked as a teacher and judo instructors. 

Perhaps because of his parents’ professions, he also got practical knowledge about judo and take it as his favorite past-time activity.

More about his family, we found that except for his parents, wife, and kids, Youri also has siblings. But, the little is known about them just like his parents.  

Youri Tielemans Nationality- Where Is The Footballer From? 

Youri Tielemans holds Belgian nationality as his place of birth is in Belgium.

The talented footballer is originally from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, which is located in the province of the Flemish Region.

Youri Tielemans Salary And Net Worth Explored

Youri Tielemans’s salary is £1,718,000 per year, i.e. 2,309,849.28, if converted in US dollars. 

According to Spotrac, he signed a four-year contract deal with Leicester City, which amounts to £6,872,000. So this means, he receives a weekly salary of £33,038, i.e. $ 44,419.56.

This thus provides us with a hint that his net worth is over seven figures, as he earns seven figures through his one contract deal.

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