Who Is YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi And Why Did He Kill His Teen Daughter Shahad? Is He Arrested?

Who Is YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi And Why Did He Kill His Teen Daughter Shahad? Is He Arrested?

YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi shot his young daughter to death. Why?

Mohammed Al Esawi is a comedian and YouTuber.

He has caught worldwide attention after a father did not hesitate in killing his blood daughter. Who would have imagined that a father could be the one to put the daughter in a heartbreaking and shocking position.

YouTuber: Who Is Mohammed Al Esawi? Daughter Murder Shot To Death

 Mohammed Al Esawi, the Iraqi YouTuber, murdered his daughter Shahad after shooting her to death as per Meaww.

His teenage 14-year-old daughter was shot dead just because she answered the door to a stranger. Actually, as per the reports, the girl thought that it was her brother who probably was behind the door. But, to the girl’s surprise, it turned out to be the man, who had proposed to her several times but was rejected in return.

Mohammed, suspicious of the two standing together, suddenly took out his handgun and fired three shots at her. According to online reports, Shahd’s father allegedly thought the two were planning something and in a fear of being arrested, he fled the scene after killing his daughter. 

As noted on Twitter, the crazy part is Mohammad also had a virginity test performed on his daughter’s dead body. And, the result later came out that she was indeed a virgin and did nothing wrong at all.

Mohammed Al Esawi Wife: Is He Married?

Mohammed Al Esawi’s wife’s name has not been publicized yet.

According to Albawaba, when he went to take the gun, his wife meanwhile, pleaded with him several times. But, a sad mother could not stop her husband who was in a dire rage.

Is Mohammed Al Esawi Arrested? 

As far as we know, Mohammed Al Esawi does not seem to be arrested.

There is currently no news about the YouTuber being caught or being under arrest.

Mohammed Al Esawi Wiki And Age

Mohammed Al Esawi has no Wikipedia page despite committing such a grave crime.

Even his YouTube channel could not be found at the moment. In fact, there are several YouTube channels under his name, but we could not trace the real murderer father.

Meet Mohammed Al Esawi On Instagram

We failed to find Mohammed Al Esawi on Instagram.

It could be the case that the killer comedian shut down all his approach to social media.

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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