Who Is Yuko Kubota? Josh Blue Wife -Everything On Her Net Worth And More

Who Is Yuko Kubota? Josh Blue Wife -Everything On Her Net Worth And More

The comedian on AGT, Josh Blue’s former wife Yuko Kubota is a well established and reputed employee in Beijing.

Yuko Kubota is best known as the wife of the now popular comedian on AGT, Josh Blue.

Josh rose to popularity after his incredible and humourous performances on the American Got Talent platform.

He has quickly become the fan favourite on the show and many people can be seen praising his abilities and humour.

Before appearing on AGT, Blue also came to headlines in 2006 where he was voted the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing.

Following such exposure and likeability, many of the viewers are curious to know more personal details about Josh Blue.

In that curiosity, the limelight has fallen on Blue’s former wife Yuko Kubota.

What Is Yuko Kubota Net Worth?

Opening up about her wealth, Yuko Kubota is estimated to have a decent net worth of around $100k- $500k.

However, this is only an approximated figure as the official sources as well as the person herself are yet to confirm her actual net worth value.

Nevertheless, Kubota works in a reputed position as a deputy bureau chief in Beijing so she can be thought to have a pretty good fortune.

On the other hand, Kubota’s ex-husband Josh Blue is reported to have a net worth of $1 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Josh Blue Wife Yuko Kubota And Their Relationship

Josh Blue was married to this then-wife Yuko Kubota for around 7 years.

Blue and Kubota first met each other through a mutual friend in Beijing when Josh was also working there. The comedian almost fell in love at the first sight and decided to marry her.

Besides everything, it was pretty hard to convince Yuko’s parents since she was Japanese and the man himself was a foreign as well as a disabled person.

However, things went well and the couple got married in 2007 as per Josh’s Wikipedia.

Living together, Blue and Kubota had two children, Seika Blue and Simon Blue but there were constant disputes and misunderstandings between the couple.

Finally, they decided to part ways in 2014 after finalizing their divorce.

How Old Is Yuko Kubota?

Guessing from her physical appearance, Yuko Kubota’s age appears to be around 35-40 years old.

Since both met through their mutual friend, Blue and Yuko are believed to be around the same age range.

Since Blue is 42 years old, it can be thought that Kubota might be around the same age range as well.

Nevertheless, that actual birthdate and other childhood details of Yuko Kubota are yet to be disclosed.

Yuko Kubota Parents And Family

Yuko Kubota was born to Japanese parents but their identities are unknown to the outsiders.

Yuko specifically has stayed pretty secret for all the personal matters as she likes to be far from the excessive media coverage.

Similar is the case for her other family members such as siblings as nothing much is yet discovered.

Yuko Kubota Children

Yuko Kubota has two children with Josh Blue, a son and a daughter.

Kubota’s children Seika Blue and Simon Blue stay with their father Josh Blue and the comedian seems to be taking well care of them.

They can be spotted pretty often on Blue’s Instagram as they seem to be living a good childhood.

Is Yuko Kubota Available On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Yuko Kubota cannot be found on Instagram at the moment.

While searching, we couldn’t specifically locate Kubota’s Instagram as it seems like the woman is not active on it.