Who Killed April Holton? Murder Dateline – What Happened To Mike Holton?

Who Killed April Holton? Murder Dateline – What Happened To Mike Holton?

April Holton and Mike Holton are a couple whose death has always been a mystery to the people. Here is what we know about the incident. 

April Holton’s death and Mike Holton’s death were considered as one of the most confusing a dilemma. 

April Diane Owenby Holton, born December 24, 1978, and Jesse Michael Holton, born June 3, 1979, met in high school when they were both seniors.

They fell hard and fast in love, and since their bond was one of trust and understanding, they fell in love quickly.

By September 11, 2016, their relationship had soured and they had separated their houses, as they were in the midst of an aggressive divorce procedure.

Who Killed April Holton? What Happened To Mike Holton? 

The answer is to this question is a little more convoluted than anybody would want.

When the cops began examining this case, the first thing they looked into was the trajectory of Holton’s wounds.

However, this only served to drive people away from the murder-suicide idea.

Michael, the couple’s son was at his neighbor’s house telling him that his parents were fighting with a gun in their hand. 

When police arrived a few seconds later, they discovered April and Michael both lying on the floor of a bedroom, with a pistol between them.

Michael, who had a gunshot wound to the back of his skull, was declared dead at the scene, while April, who was breathing at the time, was transported to the hospital and died a day later from serious head trauma.

According to sources, Mike was shot at point-blank range in the back of his skull on the left side, and the bullet zipped clean through him, exiting from the front.

April, on the other hand, “sustained a gunshot wound to one of her fingers on her right hand, consistent with a ‘defensive wound.'”

However, because her hand was covering the right side of her head, it had an effect there as well.

The medical examiner who performed Holton’s autopsy stated that both of their injuries were caused by “close contact wounds.”

Furthermore, while the pathologist categorized their deaths as homicides, they could not rule out the possibility of a murder-suicide.

After a lot of theories, later it was found that it was their son Jesse Madison Holton who shot his parents. 

April Holton Wikipedia Details

April Holton was a high school senior at her time, and she was the love of Jesse Michael Holton. 

The couple was one of the best couples known in high school, and they got married at an age of only 19 years old. 

April was a housewife who used to work at home with no other source of job, as her husband Jesse was a firefighter. 

As of now, there are not many details about her parents, as they have kept themselves out of the reach of media. 

April Holton Family And Children Details

April Holton was married to her husband Jesse Michael Holton and had three children, which was a complete family for April. 

April’s husband was a firefighter, and her children were also grown-up people. 

For now, the case about their death is always been a mystery, and as of now, nothing much is known about the details. 

The mystery covered by the Dateline series, and once again the case has been a high-profile name in people’s minds. 

About Author: Bishal Acharya

Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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