Who Killed Lisa Valdez? Murder Cold Case Update- Where Is Anthony Quinn Hughes Now 2022?

Who Killed Lisa Valdez? Murder Cold Case Update- Where Is Anthony Quinn Hughes Now 2022?

Software analyst Lisa Valdez was dead and stabbed in 1998 by her beloved man Anthony Quinn Hughes. But after thirteen years, he was arrested and asked questions by the police officer.

Lisa Valdez was a software analyst in San Francisco before her death. The police took some days to find out her body because she used to stay alone at her place.

People from her building reported a foul smell from her apartment. So, when the police reached the crime scene, they discovered her decomposed body. 

As per the reports, the last time she was seen at a house party where she organized a feast for her mother and her boyfriend. After that, no one reported her missing or tried to contact her.

It is believed that her body was brutally killed, and the authorities found blood, whereas they found a fingerprint that belonged to a male. After that, the forensic team matches that fingerprint with the CODIS database or DOJ lab.

Who Killed Lisa Valdez? Murder Cold Case

Lisa Valdez is the victim who was stabbed to death at her apartment in San Francisco. The authorities found her decomposed body after neighbors complained of a foul smell.

As per the reports, she was in her apartment alone when struck with a sharp object 21 times. She was killed inhumanely, and her body was discovered after days of decomposing.

The software analyst’s body was sent for a postmortem, whereas the police found traces of the males’ blood and a partial fingerprint from the crime scene.

Until 2011 she did not find justice, but the murderer of her cold case was arrested and charged with second degree. And it is believed that her boyfriend was involved in her case.

Where Is Anthony Quinn Hughes Now 2022?  

As per Oxygen, Anthony Quinn Hughes is the killer of Lisa Valdez. His partial fingerprint was found on the underside of her toilet seat. 

Despite the availability of evidence, police could not reach him until 2011. The investigators framed and interviewed Hughes while asking about the false case of burglaries; they knowingly took his girlfriend’s name.

It made him uncomfortable, and he asked for a pen with the officers. They thought he was writing a confession, but he started stabbing himself.

After that, the police arrested him and charged him with the murder of Lisa. In addition, he stood at the end of 2015, and he was found guilty under the second degree of murder.

In 2016, the murderer was sent to 16 years in prison, but he has maintained his innocence, saying that he was wrongly convicted.

Lisa Valdez Wikipedia And Family

Lisa Valdez was 36 years old, and she was working as a software analyst at a reputed firm in San Francisco. Before her death, she was an independent and unmarried woman.

There is no such information about her family. It is because the police officer suspended her details.

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