Who Was Helena Hutchinson? Everything On Her Husband Matthew Hutchins And More

Who Was Helena Hutchinson? Everything On Her Husband Matthew Hutchins And More

The death of Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins has left the entire film industry in pain.

Hollywood is mourning the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins was a rising star in Hollywood who was slowly starting to mark her name as one of the finest cinematographers.

However, things went out of control on the set of a Western film ‘Rust’ which led the talented Director of Photography Hutchins to wave goodbye to the world.

The entire movie industry is in shock after the tragic incident took place and soon she was announced dead on the public domain.

She will forever be remembered as a finest cinematographer. We will be looking back at her legacy and personal details starting with.

Helena Hutchinson Age: How Old Was She?

Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins died at the age of 42.

The Ukrainian born Hutchins grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic circles surrounded by nuclear submarines.

Her parents welcomed their baby girl in 1979 and she stayed in her home country until she graduated from the Kyiv National University.

She moved to Los Angeles and started out her career as a cinematographer in 2012 but she was active on the industry since 2010.

Hutchins enjoyed cinematography for 11 years professionally and had worked for 30 projects.

Helena Hutchinson Wikipedia Details

Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins was a Ukrainian cinematographer professionally working in Hollywood.

She was a graduate student of AFI conservatory in 2015. Hutchins was selected as one of the American cinematographer rising star in 2019.

She had won a Best Cinematography jury prize in the English Riviera Film Festival in 2019.

The 42-years-old had a decade long career as a professional DOP. The graduate of International Journalism Hutchins also worked as an investigative journalist with British documentary production in Europe.

Hutchins was born in Horodets, Zhytomyr Oblast and was residing in Los Angeles. She died in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Who Is Helena Hutchinson Husband? Her Child Revealed

Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins was a wife to her husband Matthew Hutchins.

Her 38-years-old husband Matthew has opened up about the heartbreaking incident where he stated that there are no words to communicate the situation.

He added that the family needs more time as of now and has appreciated with the love and sympathies that the family had received.

Helena aka Halyna was a wonderful mother as the couple were parents to their beautiful son Andros.

Helena Hutchinson Death Cause

Helena Hutchinson aka Halyna Hutchins was shot by the prop gun on the set of ‘Rust’.

Veteran actor Alec Baldwin fired the gun and fatally shot the DOP at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set in New Mexico. The gun contained live rounds as per local prop master’s union.

She was rushed via helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital where she was announced dead.

In addition, the director of the movie Joel Souza was also injured and was taken to Christus St. Vincent Hospital. He is discharged after the successful treatment.

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