Who Was Jackie Vandagriff? Everything On Her Wikipedia, Family And Instagram

Who Was Jackie Vandagriff? Everything On Her Wikipedia, Family And Instagram

Jackie Vandagriff was a girl who was murdered in 2016 because she looked like the killer’s ex. She was killed by Charles Dean Bryant, now 34, from Grapevine, Texas.

Bryant worked at Urban Cowboy Saloon in Fort Worth, Texas, until the time he was arrested. He was a personal trainer and bartender.

CBS aired a new episode of “48 Hours” on 17th January at 9 p.m. The documentary-style television show focused on the murder case of 24 years old Texas Woman’s University student Jackie Vandagriff. Let’s find out more about the unfortunate victim.

Quick Facts:

Name Jackie Vandagriff
Age 24 (Dead)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Licensed Esthetician
Married/Single Single
Education Texas Woman’s University

Jackie Vandagriff Wiki

Jackie Vandagriff was 24 years old at the time of her death. She was murdered in 2016 by Charles Dean Bryant. Jackie was a nutrition student at Texas Woman’s University. She was a licensed esthetician.

Vandagriff’s social media sites like Instagram, Twitter has been closed after her murder.

Jackie graduated from Wakeland High School in Frisco. However, the media has still not disclosed anything regarding Jackie Vandagriff’s family members. TWU, in 2018, opened up an endowment in the name of Vandagriff Honor to help support students seeking education in health and well being.

How was Jackie Vandagriff Murdered? 

Vandagriff was murdered brutally on Sept. 14, 2016. Her dead body was first found by Grapevine Police near Grapevine Lake after firefighters put out a small fire. 

Vandagriff was last seen with Bryant on the evening of Sept. 13 at Fry Street Public House and Shots and Crafts in Denton. As per record, the two left around 10 p.m, and Vandagriff’s cell phone headed towards the south of Denton. 

Her mobile phone was last active around 1:30 a.m. near Bryant’s home. It is just 20 miles west of where Vandagriff’s body was found dumped and burned in a blue kiddie pool. Some witnesses claimed they saw a white man standing over the fire who left in a light-colored SUV. 

From the search warrant report, it is said that Grapevine police found Vandagriff’s TWU satchel as well as a purse at Bryant’s home, a zip tie with Jackie’s hair on it, some blood samples, and condoms.

Where Is Charles Bryant Now?

Currently, Charles Bryant is imprisoned at the William P. “Bill” Clements Unit in unincorporated Potter County, Texas. He was charged for the brutal slaying of Jacqueline. Bryant was also arrested by Grapevine police multiple times for stalking his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Mathis.

After the release of the episode of CBS’s ’48 Hours, we came to know that Vandagriff lost her life during “kinky”. But, the prosecution argued that the murder was planned and there was no proof that the two had sex. 

However, after 2  hours of discussion, the 12-member jury found Charles guilty of first-degree murder and trying to erase the evidence. So, he was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years instead of the death penalty. 

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