Who Was Shamima Begum Children Jerah? Everything On Her Husband And More

Who Was Shamima Begum Children Jerah? Everything On Her Husband And More

Shamima Begum, the mother of late Jerad, is a denaturalized British-born woman. Read more about her life below.

Shamima Begum is an English woman who has Bangladeshi roots. Because of her Islamic religion, she fled to Syria to start her new life. 

After six years, she is fighting for her right to come back to her country.

Shamima Begum Children And Husband 2021

Shamima Begum is the wife of Yego Riedijk. The couple has been married since 2015.

They were the parents of Jerah, which means able fighter. Sadly the baby was not able to survive for more than 3 weeks as a result of a lung infection. After Jerah, the couple was able to conceive 2 more children all of which died.

The baby was born when the pair were in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019.

Yego Riedijk is a 29-year-old who came to Syria in 2014. The Dutchman converted to Islam and left Holland to join ISIS.

Unfortunately, he was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) when they were in Baghuz. He is currently serving his sentence behind bars.

What Happened To Shamima Begum? Where Is She Now Updated

Shamima Begum was an English citizen who traveled to Syria to join the terrorist group ISIS. After 6 years of no contact, she was found in a refugee camp with no husband and 9 months pregnant. 

Efforts were made to bring her back home by Secretary Sajid Javid canceled her citizenship. The court also supported Sajid’s decision as they agreed her arrival would be a threat to homeland security. 

Currently, she is still at the Syrian Camp and making pleas to the government through Good Morning Britain.

Shamima Begum Wikipedia And Age

Shamima Begum was born on the 25th of August 1999 in England. At present, she is 22 years old. Moreover, she is a follower of Islam.

She stands at a height of five feet three inches.

Shamima Begum was born to Bangladeshi parents who immigrated to England hoping for a better life. She also has a sister named Aklima Begum. She got her schooling from the Bethnal Green Academy where she was staying during the younger years of her life. 

At the age of 15, she was influenced by the ISIS propaganda and fled the UK wither he friends Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana

Only 10 days after her arrival in Syria she married her now-husband and started her new life in ISIS.

After six years, Kadiza Sultana was killed in a raid, but the fate of Amira Abase is unknown.

While Shamima is being shamed by the British people and the internet for her previous statements.