Who Were Hugh Hefner Main Girlfriends? His Wives, Married Life And Relationship Explored

Who Were Hugh Hefner Main Girlfriends? His Wives, Married Life And Relationship Explored

Despite his death in 2016, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner is still a subject of gossip due to his active dating life and multiple girlfriends. Who were Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriends? Scroll below to find out!

Hugh Hefner was an American magazine publisher who was widely known as the founder of the famous Playboy magazine.

Hugh was widely known for his connection with a lot of other actors and renowned celebrities. 

Moreover, he was known for having a lot of girlfriends. He was never too stable in any relationship.

Hugh Hefner died at the age of 89 in 2017.

Quick Facts:

Name Hugh Hefner
Birthday April 9, 1926
Age 89 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Magazine Tycoon
Married/Single Married
Wife Crystal Harris
Children 4
Divorce Millie Williams, Kimberly Conrad
Twitter @hughhefner

Hugh Hefner Main Girlfriends And Wife

Hugh Hefner was known for having a complex and subtle dating life. He dated many people in his lifetime but Holly Madison was often considered one of his main girlfriends.

She is the most famous one because she was way younger than Hugh at that time. She recently said to the US magazine that she was with high and slept with him for getting fame as a model. 

Since Hugh was the owner of the most famous magazine, she had to do it to create opportunities. Hugh Hefner was also married thrice with 3 different celebrities. 

He was married to Crystal Harris, Kimberly Conrad, and Millie Williams. 

Hugh Hefner Married Life And Relationship Explored

As mentioned, Hugh Hefner was married thrice in different time periods. He was first married to Millie Williams in 1949.

They separated later after 10 years in 1959, and they had 2 children together. 

After around 30 years, he again married the famous model Kimberley Conrad, who was really young than him. Hugh had 2 children with Kimberly too. They separated in 2010. 

Then, in the year 2012, Hugh married American model Crystal Harris with whom he was not separated until his death in 2017. 

Crystal was almost 60 years younger than Hugh. And, since he was really old, he had no children with her. 

Interestingly, all 3 wives of Hugh; the oldest one Millie is 95 years old and the youngest Crystal is only 34.

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