Why Did Destorm Power And Janina aka Alicia Gordillo Breakup, Are They Back Together?

Why Did Destorm Power And Janina aka Alicia Gordillo Breakup, Are They Back Together?

Destorm and Janina’s breakup made headlines and was trending on several social media platforms when it happened back in 2019, stick with the article till the end to learn everything about their dating life. 

Alicia Gordillo is an actress, singer, model, and social media celebrity from the United States. She is most recognized for her role in “The Adventures of Noah Sife,” a comedic feature film.

DeStorm Power is an American actor, comedian, rapper, and Internet personality. He is also well known for his youtube career, he has a youtube channel named Power House where he posts random videos and daily vlogs. 

Let us learn more about Destorm and Janina’s breakup and take a closer look at their dating life. 

Why Did Destorm Power And Janina Breakup, Are They Back Together?

The exact reason for Destorm Power and Janina aka Alicia Gordillo’s breakup is not clear yet. 

They never came to the public with an explanation to their fans and followers describing the circumstances behind taking such a huge step of ending their relationship. 

The couple announced their breakup to their followers in a short youtube video

Despite claims from several websites including Married Biography that Destorm and Janina are still dating, the truth is they are not back together. 

However, we will find thousands of web pages claiming the two are in an active relationship as of 2022 or the end of 2021, but they never came back together following their breakup. Nonetheless, they made youtube videos together but only as friends as explained in one of their youtube videos

The former couple remains as friends as of now and has not made a public appearance together in about a year now, they might be busy with their own life which takes us to another question people on the internet are asking, their dating life. 

Destorm Power And Janina Dating Life Explored

Destorm Power and Janina made a great pair while they were dating some years back. 

They were often seen making videos together and posting pictures on their Instagram which seemed very beautiful. 

The couple seemed very much happy in their dating life while they dated for two years from 2017 to 2019 but things have changed as of now. 

As of the beginning of 2022, Janina and Destorm seem to have found their partners and have started their dating journey. 

Janina is dating Parker in 2022 as per the posts she makes on her picture-sharing social media account, the couple was seen celebrating Christmas in matching pajamas. 

Similarly, Destorm is seen with another woman Jasia Tate, but they have not confirmed their relationship yet. However, they seem to be dating as of now and might come in front of their followers very soon. 


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