Why Did Martin Devlin Attempt Suicide? His Ex- Wife Andi Brotherston Photo & Partner 2021

Why Did Martin Devlin Attempt Suicide? His Ex- Wife Andi Brotherston Photo & Partner 2021

Why did Martin Devlin attempt suicide? The television personality was hospitalized after trying to take his own life. 

Martin Devlin is a radio and television personality. 

He began his career as a radio host for a local station. He joined Radio Sport in 1999.

He also writes sport for NZ Rugby World and does a sports talkback blog. 

In 2010, Devlin anchored TVNZ’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He became the morning show host for Radio Hauraki in 2012. 

As of now, Devlin is a leading host of The Devlin Radio Show. 

On a personal front, Devlin was born in the year 1964 and is 57 years old currently.

He attended St. Patrick’s College in Silverstream. 

Why Did Martin Devlin Attempt Suicide?

Martin Devlin attempted suicide on July 20, 2021, his ex-wife Andi confirmed on Twitter. 

The broadcaster is admitted to the Auckland hospital and is in critical condition. 

Andi and Martin’s son found Martin unconscious at his house and immediately rushed him to the hospital. 

Andu picked up her son from university and was returning home. But, she sensed something was not right and decided to check in on her ex-husband. 

The mother and son went to Martin’s house, where they found him lying unconscious.

Andi said if they were late by another 10 or 15 minutes, the outcome would have been ugly.

Fortunately, Martin is alive but is in terrible shape. 

The reason for Martin’s suicide is not yet revealed. 

A few months ago, Martin caused controversy after he attempted to physically assault a colleague in the NZME newsroom. Following the news, the media company NZME took him off the air. 

It was also disclosed Devlin sent inappropriate messages to other colleagues. Later, Devlin admitted to the charges and apologized for his behavior. 

Devlin confessed to suffering from mental health issues and was taking help from a professional. 

His ex-wife, Andi, said he was doing well with counseling, but the news of a third investigation into the matter had upset him. 

Who Is Martin Devlin Ex-Wife Andi Brotherston? Photo & Partner 2021

Martin Devlin was married to his ex-wife Andi Brotherston.

The couple shares two sons. One of his son’s names is Charlie Devlin. But, there is no info about his other son. 

Also, the reason for Andi and Martin’s separation is unknown at the moment. 

Following his separation from Andi, there are no records of dating anyone on the internet. It’s likely Martin is single and does not have a partner currently. 

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