Why Did Simon And Martina Break Up? Everything About The YouTube Couple EatYourKimchi

Why Did Simon And Martina Break Up? Everything About The YouTube Couple EatYourKimchi

A Youtube couple, Simon and Martina aka EatYourKimchi’s breakup story is rising all over the internet. 

Simon Stawski and Martina are a couple and owners of Eat Your Kimchi website and Youtube.

It was a vlog channel that introduces aspects of cultures from different countries to their viewers.

The countries such as Korea, Japan, and Canada. They even lived in Korea for seven years. 

Simon and Martina had their first meeting on September 13, 2004, at the University of Toronto, St. George campus located in downtown Toronto. 

There they became good friends but by the time, Martina was in a relationship with another guy later broke up and began dating Simon.

A year later Simon proposed to her and they got married on June 16, 2007.

Why Did Simon And Martina Break Up? EatYourKimchi Divorce Controversy

In 2021, Simon and Martina decided to separate and Simon decided to move back to Ontario in Canada.

They have not opened up the reason for separation. 

They had a beautiful start to their relationship but now why do they want to separate the ways they only know.

The lovely couple started their journey from Ontario Canada and then they kept on moving on their work purpose 

They kept moving to different countries. Right after their marriage, they went to Windsor, Ontario, and after finishing the teaching course, they moved to Korea. 

During their stay in Korea, they started a Youtube channel entitled Eat Your Kimchi, for their families. 

Everything was going, they even opened the coffee shop, You are Here Cafe but in 2015, they closed it and moved to Japan. 

2020, during Covid-pandemic, they moved to Canada from Japan, after all those reel lives, Martina had stepped back to writing. Even Simon step back and got back into writing. 

Who is Simon? Age and Family

Simon Stawski was born to a polish family where he has a brother and a sister who is 13 and 10 years older respectively.

His mother was a lawyer while his father was a VP at a food technology company in Poland. 

His parents later moved to Canada with his brother and sister for a better lifestyle. 

Right after their movement in Canada, Simon was born. But until moving to Toronto, they did not continue their work.

Once they arrive in Toronto, they got jobs according to their certified degree. 

Even after shifting to Toronto after a short while, they had to shift to the new house because the house was later discovered as haunted.

In the meantime, his mother died though in the hospital despite being healthy. 

They even called the priest to bless the house which, however, caused the kitchen to catch on fire and they left the house quickly.