Why Is Eli Fross Arrested? Everything To Know About The Rapper Accused Of Attempted Murder

Why Is Eli Fross Arrested? Everything To Know About The Rapper Accused Of Attempted Murder

Eli Fross got arrested on attempted murder charges. That’s not all. He was also levied with other additional charges.

Eli Fross, whose real name is Elijah Quamina, is an American Rapper.

It’s not the first time for the New York-based musician to be roped in such criminal matters.

In May 2020, he was also charged with a weapon possession crime for which he was bailed out on $7,500.

Rapper: Why Is Eli Fross Arrested?

Eli Fross was arrested as he was alleged to illegally firing a gun in Times Square.

For committing such a crime, the musical artist got charged with attempted assault and murder.

That’s not all; he also had possession of a loaded weapon totally beyond the law.

Well, as noted in NY Daily News, the young rapper was accused by cops of firing four shots at a motorcyclist in a popular tourist destination, thus causing violence and chaos.

The rapper defended himself telling that he started firing just to protect himself and nothing else.

Thankfully, no one got injured in the process.

Eli Fross Height And Age: How Tall/Old Is He?

Eli Fross stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches in height as per TVGuideTime.

Talking about Eli Fross’s age, he is 20 years old. It surely comes as a surprise that despite being young, the actor has a charge of an illegal hold of weapons.

What Is Eli Fross Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?  

Eli Fross’s net worth might be around or above five figures given his song hits.

The site called Popnable listed his estimated earnings as $10,800.

The actor might have earned an amount in a significant size thanks to his Youtube channel.

Well, the musician has 34.8k subscribing members and hundreds and thousands to millions of views in his YouTube music videos.

Eli Fross Parents And Family

Eli Fross’s parents originally named him Elijah Quamina.

Other than this, we are unaware of anything related to his parents and family.

We found from his Instagram handle that his twin brother goes with the name Dev Band on IG.

Besides his brother, we got no hold of his other family members’ info.