Why Was David Dickinson In Prison? Antiques Expert Health Update And All You Need To Know

Why Was David Dickinson In Prison? Antiques Expert Health Update And All You Need To Know

David Dickinson, an English antique dealer cum television presenter, was once incarcerated for mail-order fraud. Thus, there was a time the television’s favorite antique dealer was in prision.

Millions of fans across the globe are fans of David Dickinson’s show where he deals with antiques. He was initially seen on BBC One, but later he joined ITV and he is on ITV since then.

People are fans of David’s unique way of hosting the show with his witty humor, engaging narration, and detailed orientated explanation. He has certainly inspired many people to pursue antiques.

Why Was David Dickinson In Prison? 

Many people will be surprised to know that the popular host of ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal, David Dickinson, was once in prison because of mail-order fraud. This is one of the strangest events of his life.

He was 19 years old when he served three years of a four-year sentence. The majority of his sentence he spent on Strangeways in Manchester, one of the famous prisons in Britain.

After release from prison, he started to focus on the business of antiques, which has treated him well and is currently a world-renowned antique dealer. He never returned to the criminal path which he took on his teen.

David Dickinson Weight Loss – Health Update

David Dickinson has lost significant weight, so many people are wondering if he is sick or something. So far, he seems to be in good health for his age, 80 years old. There has been no report of him being ill.

Many people suspected that since he lost some weight he might have been sick or his health is worsening. It is possible that it is a change in weight that old people of his age experience quite often.

Thus, to date, it does not seem like the fans have anything to worry about their beloved television host’s health. They will be seeing him again in his shows dealing valuable.

Who is David Dickinson Wife?

David Dickinson’s wife is Lorne Lesley. He married his love of life in 1968. They met each other in the 1960s in a nightclub. Lorne was a cabaret dancer. David and Lorne’s love flourish from then and ended in marriage.

The couple has been married for decades now; however, their love is still the same, if not increased. They have two children. Their kids are fully grown and have their children too, David’s grandchildren.

The couple lives in Cheshire. There have never been reports of their altercation, so it seems like they enjoy their companionship. The couple is the epitome of a successful marriage.

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