Who Is Rapper Wizdawizard? Hallandale Beach Shooting And Death Rumor Explored

Who Is Rapper Wizdawizard? Hallandale Beach Shooting And Death Rumor Explored

Wizdawizard has been declared dead after being involved in the shooting incident. The rapper was rumored to be in beef with a fellow rapper at the time. Read along for more information.

Wiz, aka Wizdawizard, is a well-known American rapper who has had many single successes. He collaborated with several other American rappers, including Kodak Black, Mike Smiff, Bill Kahan Kapri, and others.

Wiz’s successful albums and singles include Dying to Live (2018), Project Baby 2 (2017), Painting Pictures (2017), Heart Break Kodak (2018), and Lil BIG Pac’s.

“Scourge Genius Wake Up” (2018), “ZEZEDying to Live” (2018), and “Calling My Spirit” (2018) are some of his most popular tracks. ‘Dying to Live’ was released in 2018. He is a student at Bishop Ely High School.

Rapper Wizdawizard Death: Hallandale Beach Shooting Incident

Wizdawizard was allegedly shot at Florida’s Hallandale Beach. The rapper was soon announced as dead after the incident.

As of right now, all we know from social media is that famous musician WizDaWizard was discovered shot to death in Miami, Florida. We’re working feverishly to gather credible information on this.

As a result, the only information we can confidently affirm is that the beautiful soul has passed away.

Official information concerning the alleged incident has yet to be released. Users on Twitter and Reddit, on the other hand, are going wild over the reported shooting.

Wizdawizard Age Wiki And Real Name 

Wizdawizard had not yet revealed his true identity. We hope to learn it soon as his family members speak on the topic.

Wizdawizard does not have his own Wikipedia bio as of 2021. The rapper was just at the age of 24 before meeting his demise.

But he was well-known, working with many mainstream artists who had been connected deep inside the rap world.

Wizdawizard Beef With Kodak- Details

Wizdawizard beef with Kodak is related to the contract Wizdawizard has signed.

Wizdawizard accused Kodak of making him sign a bad deal which only generated him 30k and also limiting him from releasing songs independently.

Well, Kodak fired back at him by saying many slurs to him. Saying Wiz is an idiot and he knows what the contract was. Complaining Wiz should have read the agreement correctly and stop making a fuss about it now.

Wizdawizard Net Worth

Wizdawizaed Networth has yet to be released by the media or any trustworthy sources.

Based on his rap career, we guess him to have a net worth reaching high as 500,000. He has worked with the likes of KodakBlack, boosting his songs to millions of views on Youtube.

Wiz is expected to have a good revenue from the video and his contract with his music label.

Wizdawizard Instagram And Nationality- Is He Haitian?

Wizdawizard was famous on most social media, particularly on Instagram. His Instagram account has around 150k followers right now. In addition, he has roughly 25k subscribers on his YouTube account.

Wizdawizard has yet to speak about his nationality. Many have suspected this of being a Haitian, but the rumors have yet to be proven true.