Yellow Wiggle: How Old Is Tsehay Hawkins? Age -Everything To Know

Yellow Wiggle: How Old Is Tsehay Hawkins? Age -Everything To Know

Tsehay Hawkins is a 15-year-old Ethiopian world champion dancer. She was adopted, and she is the youngest member of The Wiggle.

Tsehay Hawkins is a world champion dancer. She is the youngest dancer in “The Wiggle” in the history of 30 years.

She grew up in Sydney’s south-western suburbs. She came on the news as she took the place of Emma Watkins on The Wiggle. Emma Watkins, who is 32, though it was the right decision to give Hawkins the spot.

Hawkins has won several titles, but she added World Amateur Ladies Salsa and Urban Latin Champion.

Tsehay represents diversity on The Wiggle. She wants to present multiculturalism on the screen.

Yellow Wiggle: How Old is Tsehay Hawkins? Age Explored

Tsehay Hawkins’s age is 15 years old. She was probably born in the year 2005. She is Ethiopian.

Hawkins was born in Australia. She was adopted by an Australian family when she was just seven years old.

Talking about years, she is currently in her 10th year in school. At such a young age, Tsehay has become a renowned dancer. She is so good that she is said to be the next Emma Hawkins.

Who Are Tsehay Hawkins Parents?

Tsehay Hawkins doesn’t know her biological parents as she was adopted by Australians Robyn and Reg Hawkins.

Even though her parents are western, they have acknowledged Tsehay’s African heritage. They let her embrace her culture. Not only that, they used to take her to African festivals when she was very young.

Her Australian parents have also adopted another boy from Colombia in 2012. The adopted brother is Kendly, who is now 10 years old.

When she was traveling with them, she was inspired by the Latin dance. Tsehay has also said that her parents are completely supportive of her dancing career.

Meet Tsehay Hawkins On Instagram

Tsehay Hawkins Instagram valid is @tsehay.hawkins.

She has 11.3k followers and 225 posts. She has shared a picture with her brother, who just turned 10 in September.

Likewise, she has shared her skills in Latin dance. She is amazing at it. She is very smooth and has won several awards as well. She won the Australian dance cup where she performed salsa dance.

Hawkins is 5 times World Latin Dance Champion. She is also a member of Yellow Wiggles.

She announced it on Instagram by wearing a yellow sweatshirt. Tsehay said that she grew up watching “The Wiggles.”

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