Who Is Yermin Mercedes’ Wife? Is The Baseball Player Married?

Who Is Yermin Mercedes’ Wife? Is The Baseball Player Married?

 Yermin Mercedes is married to his wife Alejandra, the baseball star, who now has a base salary of over $570,500 per annum, has announced his retirement at such a young age.

Yermin Francisco Mercedes, widely recognized as the Yermín-ator, is a former Dominican baseball player.

Known for his involvement in the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB), Yermin is a fans’ favorite and has a lot of followers across different media platforms as well as the web. 

After making his debut in 2020, Yermin had pretty impressive stats and was doing great until recently, when he announced his retirement. 

Many people are confused and eager to know if he is retiring, and the answer is yes.

He officially stated it and also said that “It’s Over” on his Instagram post. 

After this, the netizens and his fans are curious to find out what made him decide to retire this early. 

Also, concerns regarding his personal life, including his wife, family, wealth, and other matters, are at their peak. 

Yermin Mercedes Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Yermin Mercedes is married to his wife, Alejandra. However, this is the only information available to us regarding her. 

Even her last name is not revealed. He does not share much about his personal life on any media platform. 

He does have a lot of followers across different platforms, but he never mentioned anything personal to him. 

So, extracting details like his wife, his possible children, or mother matters has become challenging for the netizens. 

Still, we have managed to the fact that they had just gotten married a year ago, in 2020. 

What Is Yermin Mercedes Salary And Net Worth?

In 2021, Yermin Mercedes got a salary of $570,500. 

As compared to his last year’s salary of just over $9000, he got an incredibly high pay raise. 

He has retired now, and there are not many official details available regarding what portion of his salary he gets to keep. 

Moreover, Yermin Mercedes has a net worth of over $200,000.

Since he had just started his MLB career, but he quit, he did not get a chance to earn a lot via this medium. 

Yermin Mercedes Age And Wikipedia

Yermin Mercedes’ age is 28 years old. 

He was born on February 14, 1993, in La Romana, Dominican Republic. 

Regarding Wikipedia, Yermin does have a page on the platform since he was a professional player for the MLB, which is the biggest baseball event in the united states. 

He had just started his career in 2020, and he was doing pretty good, as per his stats. 

Still, he got demoted to AAA, and this might be the reason for his quitting baseball forever.