Yongyea is an American with a Korean ethnic-background. He is currently working as an eSports gamer, voiceover artist, and actor. Along with gaming, he also reviews videos of other artists on his youtube channel.

Quick Facts:

Name YongYea
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Online Games Player
Net Worth $977thousand (Approx)
Married/Single Single
Education Delaware Technical Community College.
Twitter @YongYea
Youtube YongYea
Facebook Yong

Yongyea came up with his youtube channel YongYea in the year 2012. However, he had already started his baby steps from 2011. He was interested in gaming from a very young age. After years of grind, he can now enjoy his hobby as his career. 

In search of something new and push his comfort boundaries, Yongyea is now residing in Los Angeles. He wishes to expand his career and change the direction of his career from a gamer to an eSports journalist, actor, and voiceover artist.

10 FACTS ON YongYea

  1. Yongyea was born in South Korea. He moved out of South Korea when he was fourteen. Then he moved to Venezuela.
  2. There’s no information about his birthdate and his age as of now in the public domain.
  3. YongYea is an eSports Player who has an estimated net worth of $977,000.
  4. Information about his physical attributes is not available. However, he looks young and fit in his youtube videos.
  5. Yongyea has worked as a voice actor in 11 projects in 2020 including “Death Battle” and “The Lyosacks Movie”.
  6. Besides being an amazing gamer, he also knows three different languages. He can speak Spanish, Korean, and English. He also loves singing and video editing.
  7. Yongyea is working in Studio City located in Los Angeles as an actor with his online gaming continued side by side.
  8. As for his education, he studied Electronics Engineering at Delaware Technical Community College.
  9. Yongyea has over a million subscribers on his youtube channel but lacks a decorated Wikipedia page. 
  10. We were unable to find his official Instagram account but you can follow him on his Twitter and Facebook page.

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