Young Yong Tales Did A Face Reveal? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Young Yong Tales Did A Face Reveal? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Has Young Yong Tales Done A Face Reveal? Young Yong Tales’s real name is Jonathan Yong, and he has a very impressive net worth.

Jon Yong, better known as Young Yong Tales, is a Korean-American YouTuber. In his videos, he usually talks about the things that have happened in his life.

His videos have a creative storytelling style where he uses the perfect combination of animation and commentary.

He describes his style as ‘minimalistic’ animation. His channel Young Yong Tales, have over 561,000 subscribers.

The videos on his channel are fun and relatable. Young also tries to tackle various health and social issues through his videos like confidence and self-esteem issues, insomnia, self-ego issues, etc.

He does all his storytelling through his original character, Tofu. His video explaining the inception of his character “The Truth About My Character.” is his 2nd most viewed video. Besides Tofu, his other popular character is Ninja Tofu.

Since Young is also Korean, his stories have an Asian twist to them.

Has Young Yong Tales Done A Face Reveal?

Young Yong Tales has not done an official face reveal yet. Not much is known about the person behind the popular animation videos.

However, we do know that Young is a College student. He completed his bachelor’s in the field of Psychology and is currently a full-time YouTuber.

He did videos showing his face in front of a camera, but he later stopped because it wasn’t his style. Even though those videos might still be on the internet, no one knows who he is.

Young pursued the route of becoming an animation YouTuber only after he stumbled upon YouTubers like Jaiden Animations, Domics, and Jazza.

Many of his fans are curious to learn about who the master animator and storyteller is.

What Is Young Yong Tales Real Name? 

Young Yong Tales’ real name is Jonathan Yong. Other personal information regarding Young is not available.

Young said in an interview with the Creator Mindset that he was into YouTube since he was little. He looked up to YouTubers like Ryan Higa, David So, and JK films. 

He is in the Animation Squad group with other famous animation Youtubers like Jaiden Animations, TheOdd1sOut, Domics, and TimTom.

These were the animators he used to look up to during his early days on YouTube. Now, they are friends and posts content together.

How Old Is Young Yong Tales? Age Revealed

Young Yong Tales’s age is 24 years old as he was born on January 24, 1997, in the United States. 

Young has lived in California for all of his life, where he went to college and got his Bachelors’s degree.

The animator only started YouTube as a full-time job in 2019.

Young Yong Tales Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Young has an estimated net worth is $152,000 and growing.

However, It is only an estimation, and the actual number could be much higher. He has multiple sources of income like Google AdSense, merch sales, and sponsorships. 

His merch includes adorable soft toys and mugs designed after his character, Tofu.