YouTube: Has Aches Done A Face Reveal? Everything On Her Real Name And More

YouTube: Has Aches Done A Face Reveal? Everything On Her Real Name And More

Aches is a YouTuber And Twitch Streamer belonging to the United States. Has Aches Done A Face Reveal? Fans are dying to see her.

Aches is famous for playing Call Of Duty as she falls among those least five players to be the championship winner of Call Of Duty 2014. Her other Call Of Duty championship award awaited her in the year 2018.

She has brought home more than n $4 million prize money until 2021. The youtube channel has more than 534k subscribers where each video receives at least one million views.

Although the entire gaming video on the channel is based on a young lady, the actual video creator is suspected to be a boy. 

YouTube: Has Aches Done A Face Reveal? 

Although there has been no evidence or announcement about the face reveal on the official channel, a youtube from Chaotic talked about the reveal of Aches’s real face. The face reveal was done in a channel named Chaotic on March 7, 2021.

Despite all the requests from his fans, he does not seem interested in doing the face reveal on his own. 

Aches Age And Real Name

Aches is suspected to be a boy in his late twenties. His real name is Patrick Price from Sanford, North Carolina. 

Aches can be contacted through the business mail id of [email protected]. The Youtuber declared to start creating naughty content at the beginning of the year 2021. 

Aches Parents

Aches, aka Patrick Price, was born to his parents BJ Price and Lisa Price, in 1994. Southern Lee High School has been the institute from where he graduated in his majors in 2012. 

The parents brought him up pretty well with the best education in North Carolina. But On the other hand, the gamer has been declaring himself a hustler, which his parents might not like. 

Aches Net Worth -How Rich Is The YouTuber 

Aches have a net worth of around $5-$10 million as per the income of his youtube channel. We are unaware of the actual profession of the gamer. The graduate is undoubtedly not every time on youtube and must be making money outside the internet.

The youtube channel started on December 2, 2019, has collected 23,055,432 views to date. Getting such a marvelous view for 60 videos in this short time is astounding.

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