YouTube: Yoki Sturrup Husband Or Wife -Who Is She Married To? Details To Know

YouTube: Yoki Sturrup Husband Or Wife -Who Is She Married To? Details To Know

Yoki Sturrup is a married woman and a huntress; Her husband is pretty mysterious. She has a very impressive net worth.

After opening up a Youtube channel at the start of 2021, Yoki Sturrup has been steadily pulling in viewers and subscribers with her hunting prowess. 

The strong and powerful woman organizes YokGang Hog Hunt to give her followers the chance to win prizes and get in all the fun.

She loves to put up videos regarding hog hunts, as they seem to be her favorites. 

YouTube: Yoki Sturrup Husband Or Wife -Is She Married? 

Yoki Sturrup is a married woman. Her husband is the cameraman behind her YouTube video uploads. We don’t know whether she edits them herself or her husband does it for her.

Together, they shoot the latest videos to upload on her Youtube channel Yoki Sturrup. 

The name of her husband has not been mentioned. However, in the comments, he is often referred to as Dee. 

Whether or not he has the same gun game as his wife, one thing is sure. Dee is more than a foot taller than her. He hides behind glasses and a cap. Her husband has a beard. 

She recently posted a short clip of the two of them getting ready to battle it out on a hog hunt. Their words were muffled as she had edited to have the background music drown out their voice.

Yoki Sturrup Age And Wiki Details

The real age of Yoki Sturrup is not listed anywhere. However, she looks to be in her late 20s. She was born in the United States in the 1990s. 

She opened up a YouTube channel under the name Yoki Sturrup about a year ago in 2021. It is unknown whether that is her real name or a name she gave herself to separate her professional and public life away from her personal life. 

The channel currently has over 183k subscribers and over 108 videos.

She is currently in Miami, Florida, with her husband. 

Yoki Sturrup Real Name And Net Worth 2022 Revealed

The real name given to Yoki Sturrup by her parents is not confirmed. Based on language, pricing, and current audience, she is estimated to have a net worth of nearly $100,000.

Her daily earnings are somewhere around $800. Moreover, taking in the average earnings from advertising on the channel, she is estimated to earn around $22,000 monthly.

She owes her income to her channel, where she posts videos relating to hunting with big guns, challenges, Glocks, and many more. 

She is on Instagram under the username @yokisturrup. She has accumulated 138k followers even though her Instagram page is set to private.

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