YouTuber: Who Are Valkyrae Parents? Skin Care Line Drama Exposed -In Details To Know

YouTuber: Who Are Valkyrae Parents? Skin Care Line Drama Exposed -In Details To Know

Youtuber Valkyrae made her parents proud by launching her skincare line. As per the company, the goods provide a new sort of screen protection” that will benefit “everyone who uses a screen. So, why is it now a subject of controversy? 

Valkyrae’s real name is Rachel Valkyrae. Only recently, Valkyrae achieved a milestone by winning the ‘Content Creator of the Year’ award at The Game Awards 2020.

Currently, Valkyrae’s skincare line is not turning out fine as planned. According to numerous consumers and dermatologists, the company’s assertions about the product’s benefits aren’t backed up by enough scientific proof.

Because, in reality, according to them, the peer-reviewed studies have found that any amount of blue light emitted by computer or television screens does not affect the skin.

Who Are YouTuber Valkyrae Parents? Their Ethnicity Explored

Rachel Valkyrae was born in Washington, D.C., on January 8, 1992, to a German father and a Filipino mother. She grew up with a sibling who sadly died as a result of a suicide attempt.

As for her ethnicity, her ancestral background comes from being a Filipino and a German.

After a long struggle with cancer, Valkyrae’s father died in April 2017. The streamer said on Instagram that she had known for a long time that the sickness would eventually kill her father, but she wasn’t prepared for the moment he died.

Soon after gaming became profitable for Valkyrae, she began catering for her mother. She told Business Insider in 2018 that she used gaming money to pay off her mother’s debt and help support her business.

Does Valkyrae Have A Boyfriend? Details On Her Boyfriend

The last update on Valkyrae’s relationship is that she dated Michael “Sonii” Sherman in the past.

It appears that they both dated one another for four years until they broke up in January 2021.

Before that, she claimed to have not one but two toxic relationships where she struggled immensely during the aftermath of the break-up.

Currently, it appears that Valkyrae is single and is not spotted dating anyone yet. However, she seems to occupy herself well with her new skincare and her videos and social media fan following.

Valkyrae: Everything On The Skin Care Drama Revealed

Youtuber Valkyarae announced first about her new line on her skincare product. Intending to design the product to protect skin from blue light pollution, the co-founder, Valkyrae, launched her first batch on October 19, 2021. 

However, it appears that a sizable part of her social media fans isn’t overly enthusiastic about the launch of this new product. Several people have pointed out a substantial lack of scientific evidence to support the claim that blue light is harmful to our skin.

Some consumers are even pissed at exaggerating a soap to increase their product’s value.

Valkyrae responded on Twitter just a few hours after followers raised concerns about the genuineness of her products.

Valkyrae herself tweeting on being confused, it was deleted, and none of the primary sources have responded to the controversies yet.

YouTuber Valkyrae: Does She Have An Instagram? 

Yes, YouTuber Valkyrae does have an Instagram account. 

Her handle name is @valkyrae. The verified user has over 3.6 Million followers and 810 posts at the moment.

Valkyrae also has a Twitter account with the username @Valkyrae with 2.6 Million followers and 22.9 thousand tweets at the moment. 

Additionally, her YouTube channel “Valkyrae” has 3.57 Million Subscribers. 

She also has her other YouTube Channels named Valkyrae2 with 98.9 thousand subscribers and ValkyraeShorts with 87.1 thousand subscribers. 

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