Zac Stacy Wife Or Girlfriend Name, Was He Arrested After The Assault Video?

Zac Stacy Wife Or Girlfriend Name, Was He Arrested After The Assault Video?

A video of Former NFL star Zac Stacy beating his wife is revealed and the assault video, along with his net worth, has gained a lot of public attention. Here is everything you need to know. 

Zac Stacy is an American former professional football player who is recognized as a part of the National Football League (NFL) for a few years. 

Drafted by St.Louis Rans in the 2013 NFL draft he played in the league for some years, until he announced his retirement and stopped playing in the NFL. 

Well, his career did not end with just NFL because he rejoined football after retirement, but the leagues he played did not last very long, and he also had major injuries. 

Despite being away from football for some time, he is still popular, but the popularity he has is nowhere near anything positive. 

His recent video of beating his partner in front of their kids is all over the web and people have realized what kind of a monster he is. 

Concerns regarding his net worth, wife, partner, the abuse video, and related matters are at their peak on the web right now. 

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The former NFL player and football personality have an estimated net worth of about $1 million. 

Well, he did play in the NFL and other leagues for about 6 years, so he surely had gathered a net worth of about a million dollars. 

Still, this is not a value revealed by Zac himself or any other official sources, but an assumption made, based on his career. 

Meet Zac Stacy Wife Or Girlfriend Name as Assault Video Surfaces

Zac Stacy is not single, and he does have a partner, but there is no clarity on if he is married or just with someone without a wedding. 

While many sources have listed his partner as his wife, there is still no clear information on if she is his wife or girlfriend. 

Whatever the relationship is, people initially thought that they had a very great and healthy relationship.

Also, people have a good vision of how Zac was, considering the fact that he mentioned his brother’s down syndrome as one of the reasons for retirement. 

However, with the recent video revelation of him abusing his partner, people are really mad at him. 

There is not a lot of information regarding the specifics of this partner he has, like her name, or proper appearance, but the necessary things are clearly seen. 

A friend of his partner posted the video saying what kind of a monster he is and people should know this. 

In the clip, he is seen pushing her so hard towards a wall, that she hits a TV and falls down, such that after falling, the TV fell on her too. 

He still tried to hit her and throw things at her, while she was suffering to wake u from the floor. 

A federal report has been filed, but he does not seem to be arrested yet. However, people are eagerly waiting for it to happen. 

Does Zac Stacy Have Kids?

Yes, Zac Stacy has a kid, and what has stunned people is the fact that he did all this abuse in front of his infant kid who did not even know what was happening. 

There is not much information regarding his kid, apart from the fact that the baby is seen in the video of him amusing his partner. 

Well, he is a 5-year-old boy, but his name and other details are not available. 

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