Zahid Quraishi Wife: Who Is The First Muslim American Federal Judge Married To?

Zahid Quraishi Wife: Who Is The First Muslim American Federal Judge Married To?

Zahid Quraishi’s wife has not shown any response after Quraishi became the first Muslim American Federal Judge.

Zahid Quraishi is the son of Pakistani immigrants, who was recently appointed as the American federal judge for the District of New Jersey.

Zahid is also an army veteran. A man who once became an important war figure, Zahid stepped up to protect the law and provide justice to the citizens of the United States.

Zahid Quraishi’s Wife And Family Explored

Currently, there are no details on the wife of Zahid Quraishi. Not only that,  it has been hard to conclude, whether the judge is married or not.

Talking about Quraishi’s family, his parents are Shahida P. Quraishi and Nisar A. Quraishi. Details online suggest, Nisar A. Quraishi is a doctor by profession.

Quraishi comes from a decent family but not many reports on them have been made lately. However, one can easily assume most of his family and relatives currently reside in Pakistan.

How Old Is Zahiq Quraishi?

Zahid’s Wikipedia suggests he is 45-46 years of age as of 2021.

A newly appointed judge, Zahid Quraishi was born in 1975. However, it is hard to fetch any information relevant to his genuine age.

Zahid Quraishi Wikipedia Explored

Zahid Quraishi a child of a Pakistani immigrant was raised in New York City. Currently a judge for the District of New Jersey, Zahid has a Bachelor’s degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

His career started serving as a law clerk to the judge in New  Jersey court. After working for two years in the field of law and justice, Zahid joined United States Army and left his law firm.

Again he entered his legal career in 2007. He served as an assistant counsel and later became an Assistant United States Attorney for the New Jersey District Court.

Zahid Quraishi Salary And Net Worth

According to US Courts, the salary of judges in the US ranges from $218,600 -$280,500. Maybe Quraishi will also be receiving the salary between this range.

Likewise, all of his career and work tenures indicate, he must have a net worth of at least, $ 1 million by now.

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